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Spice up your love life with some romantic novels Forbidden Set in the life and times of Regency England, a stirring tale of love, dark secrets, manipulation and the determined human spirit. A summer evening’s chance encounter throws together two people of opposite social class who, despite a natural mutual attraction, should never have met. More... To Know the Road ...An inspiring tale of love, hate and the indomitable human spirit. A story of forbidden passions set in the war years and played against a background of sectarianism and religious conservatism in Ireland. More... The Guitar Man A heart-tugging bitter-sweet love story, in which love, devotion and determination brings good out of the most tragic life circumstances. Set in Ventnor, a quaint seaside town on the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England, this is a heart-tugging bitter-sweet story, in which love, devotion and determination brings good out of the most tragic life circumstances. A sweeping

Quick upbeat original short stories ideal for coffee break and commute

Out On Top - A Collection of Upbeat Short Stories By Steve Morris "Take your pick: - Wrongs put right. Second chances in life. Lost loves reunited." We are long overdue a break. Out on Top is a bag of stories where wrongs are often put right. Instead of dwelling on what might have been, characters get their chances to rectify their regrets and tidy up their troubled pasts. Once-reluctant Romeos, clever creatures and innovative new technology sees the cast of Out on Top get second chances to see the truth finally come out whether it wants to or not. From the author of In All Probability, Out on Top sees Steve Morris return to set a few things straight. .. .. Find out more

A Reluctant Recruit - True life, post war-time adventures

"M y adventures as a ‘Reluctant Recruit‘are the subject of this volume. I decided, at the time that I would, one day, tell the story. One day was fifty years later but here it is at last..." Says Derek Rosser . Derek shares true life, post war-time adventures as a ‘Reluctant Recruit’ during his National Service with the Royal Air Force. "Whilst over half a century has elapsed since I was released from National Service with the Royal Air Force, my memory of the events described in this volume is crystal clear. To a young married man it was a waste of valuable time many ways it was an enjoyable waste of time. If you are entertained by my adventures, I shall consider that the time spent in recording these events has NOT been wasted" Find out more... "...full of adventure and intrigue."  ...

Debt kills options – period!

A couple of decades ago, a friend of mine had a small credit-card balance of a few hundred pounds and was paying just about the minimum payment monthly. He also had a payment-protection insurance which he paid monthly. The trouble was, despite paying the minimum monthly payment and the payment-protection insurance, the balance was not reducing at all. My friend was flummoxed. He did not realise that paying the minimum monthly payment barely covered the extortionate interest rate, and, if not for timely intervention, it would take decades to pay off just a few hundred pounds. When he told me about it, I volunteered to pay off the debt if he would cut up the credit card and become financially literate. He agreed. The first thing I did was cancel the useless payment-protection insurance and then paid off the balance in about three instalments. Since then, my friend has become quite financially astute. He has one or two credit cards now but pays the full balance monthly. Read

How Can Self Development Books Change Your Life?

 Inspirational and self-development books are a big hype these days. But before you buy, you must know whether reading these books help. Yes, these books help. Self-development books can be a powerful tool in your personal growth arsenal if used properly. These books are more cost-effective than therapy but can offer you equal benefits. Self-development books also allow you to progress at your own pace. This is one of the reasons why people find reading these books more comfortable than going for professional assistance. In addition, learning how to benefit from the inspirational and self-development books like Games inventor Michael Kindred books can help you to avoid all the pitfalls of fake gurus and fads while getting most for your money and time. Benefits of Inspirational and Self-Development Books: 1. These books allow you to more positively interpret yourself and the world: If you read a self-development book regularly, your brain will be flooded with uplifting concepts and po

Historical Fictions- All You Need To Know About These Treasures

Historical fiction offers a thorough analysis of the recognizable human character within a particular set of circumstances. This way, it allows the readers to re-experience the human and social motives that led people to think, feel, and act as they did in the historical reality. So, by reading historical fiction, people develop the awareness that historical events have a great impact on contemporary times. Historical fiction also offers the readers a thorough insight into the minds of people of past generations. Therefore, these books induce empathy and develop a live connection between past and present. So, if you like reading historical fiction, then you can also enjoy reading by downloading fiction historical eBook .   Why do People Choose to Read Fiction Historical Books?   Reading historical fiction is a great way to learn more about history. Good authors always research the time when the story took place and then they weave some interesting details into the story. The result is

The Power of Reading - Mind-blowing Research

Study after study has found that older people who were mentally engaged doing things like reading and writing, or taking part in hobbies or games, stayed mentally sharper than those who were not. Many hundreds of studies have shown that mice and rats which are kept in cages with a variety of objects to explore show much better memory and cognitive abilities than those kept in standard, relatively austere environment. What's more, they also grow extra brain cells! When we face challenges, including mental challenges, our brains release a chemicals which help sharpen our perception and decision-making process. Brain connections are strengthened and brain networks grow as a result of the beneficial effects of chemicals released in the brain triggered by mental stimulation or challenge such as reading books (paperback and Ebooks). If you are in search of an Ebook store in London United Kingdom , please do visit our website. Reading is life-transforming and can help both children and ad