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The most powerful habit for success

It doesn't matter how huge a door is: if you have the right key, the door will open. The habit of reading is the key that will open many doors. Books are idea containers, books are liberators. Countries ruled by oppressors try to prevent people from reading or monitor what people can read. You maintain oppression by maintaining ignorance. Knowledge is light. Therefore if you want to keep people in darkness, keep knowledge away from them; keep books away from them; in other words keep them ignorant. The saying: if you want to keep something away from a fool, hide it in a book, comes to mind. Research shows that mental activity boosts resistance to dementia. Study after study has found that older people who were mentally engaged doing things like reading and writing, or taking part in hobbies or games, stayed mentally sharper and were less at risk of Alzheimer's than those who were not. While keeping your mind active generally seemed to go together with greater mental sharpness,