Think more deeply

Some people never pick up a book to read after their formal education; what a waste! I heard that if you put your arm in a sling for six months without using it; it will atrophy. What do you think will happen to your brain if you don't read challenging, thought-provoking or stimulating books in a year?

You cannot think more deeply than your vocabulary will allow you to. (Robert Niederholer)

At the end of the day a man’s most valuable possessions are his books and journals which contain not just chronicles of the days lived but his greatest insights and deepest thoughts plus his reflections upon the collected books and upon his life. (Andrew Eyeoyibo)

Reading can make you a more interesting individual. Those who are well-read are likely to be quite knowledgeable and interesting. The book-knowledge just seeps from them. Even if they don't always know all the details, they can often converse on some of the most interesting literary topics! It's true! If you've read a great deal, you'll have a conversation piece on many topics wherever you find yourself. Another benefit of reading which is probably quite obvious is that you become a better scholar or writer when you read. It is a fact that reading more will improve your writing skills and develop your knowledge. In addition, reading excellent books improves your vocabulary by adding to the 'word-bank' in your brain and deepens your thinking.


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