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Be Blown Away!

Treachery and Triumph - An Anthology of World War II Stories Editor Jeremy Moiser   Murder WAR? DEATH AND DESTRUCTION? VIOLENCE, HATRED, INEXPRESSIBLE GRIEF? PEOPLES PITTED AGAINST EACH OTHER, TO THE DEATH? WHY ON EARTH SHOULD I WANT TO READ ABOUT IT? THERE’S ENOUGH IN THE MEDIA EVERY DAY, SURELY? YES: BUT THIS IS DIFFERENT. In these pages, there is violence – impossible to avoid in an anthology dedicated to the memory of war – but there is also humour and romance, suspense and emotion, heroism and daring. The action is set variously in France, Britain, Eire, Kenya, Russia, Poland ... You are guaranteed hours of stimulation, enjoyment and fruitful relaxation with a book devoted to one of the defining events of our times. STARE INTO THE PAST WITH THE EYES OF THOSE GRIPPED BY ITS DRAMA. ... .. Find out more “ Exhilarating - be blown away ” … What is unique about the book? Treachery and Triumph - An Anthology of World War II