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Book Savvy Spotlight on Derek Rosser

Bringing you exclusive interviews with authors featured in the Book Savvy Newsletter. Our Guest is Derek Rosser * Enjoy the interview. Q1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your book 'A Reluctant Recruit'? I am a retired systems analyst having spent 42 years in the aerospace industry. My book is the story of my adventures and experiences as a National Serviceman in the Royal Air Force between 1954 and 1956. Q2. You have written about a period in history that is about 60 years ago, how can you be so sure that your recollection of those days is accurate? Each chapter is based on fact but perhaps embroidered a bit to add a touch of humour. I have always been blessed with a retentive memory. Q3. Why did you leave it until the age of eighty to write your first book? As a family man, during my working life my free time was devoted to my family. For well over forty of those years I was busy earning a crust and there was little time for reminiscence. Another po

Just like old times after a visit to Rose Cottage

The Derby Telegraph invites readers to submit short stories. Here is a piece by Philip Neale (pen name - Neal James), titled 'Just like old times after a visit to Rose Cottage'. STANDING before the little house now brought back floods of memories. They had always called her Aunty Rose, despite the fact that there was no family connection. She had been a friend of his mother and, during the long school summer holidays, James and Harry had spent many happy hours in and around the cottage. In those days it had a whitewashed exterior with green window frames and doors, a white 'picket' fence enclosing a small but well-stocked front garden and a thatched roof surrounding a red brick chimney stack from which emanated a constant thin stream of pale blue smoke. This was always the sure sign Rose was at home and usually cooking or baking something tasty. There was a rear garden which formed the 'working' part of the property and this supplied Rose's needs for the v