8 May 2015

Starchild by Vacen Taylor

Starchild collage

About the Books

Book 1: The Age of Akra

The Age of AkraTitle: Starchild: The Age of Akra (Book 1) | Author: Vacen Taylor | Publication Date: March 6, 2013 | Publisher: Odyssey Books | Pages: 150 | Recommended Ages: 10+

Summary: When Mai is chosen to take a pilgrimage to the Valley of a Thousand Thoughts to train with the oldest and wisest master of their people, an ancient prophecy is set in motion. The events to come have been predicted but are not unchangeable. When the Starchild returns to the planet of Sage, the foreknowledge of the prophecy begins to gain strength. Four children come together and become linked to the events that lie ahead. In The Age of Akra, the first stage of their journey has them facing the deadly spiderflax, only then to be confronted by a creature of the underworld, an evil Dementra called Amual. The struggle to bring peace to the world of powerful energies lies in the hands of these four children and a strange little lizard. And it will not come easy. This journey is only the beginning.

5 May 2015

Fish Also Go To Heaven | Author: Tammy Brown Elkeles

About the Book

Fish Also Go To HeavenTitle: Fish Also Go To Heaven | Author: Tammy Brown Elkeles | Illustrator: Raquel Afonso | Publication Date: October 28, 2014 | Publisher: Independent | Pages: 42 | Recommended Ages: 4 to 8

Summary: Fish Also Go to Heaven – A unique optimistic view of a loss of a loved pet.

Ellie’s best friend is her little goldfish. Spending every moment she can with him and telling him all her secrets. And at school she talks about him all the time as well. But one morning little “Fishie” is not moving….

23 April 2015

Katie and the North Star -

About the Book

Katie and the North Star by Bethany and Katie LopezTitle: Katie and the North Star | Authors: Bethany Lopez and Katie Lopez | Illustrator: Hetty Mitchell | Publication Date: March 13, 2015 | Publisher: Independent | Pages: 26 | Recommended Ages: 2 to 6

Summary: Katie and the North Star is a book filled with adventure, joy, and imagination. Join Katie as she learns why she can't keep the North Star all to herself.

22 April 2015

Caterpillar Shoes by Angela Muse

About the Book

Caterpillar ShoesTitle: Caterpillar Shoes | Author: Angela Muse | Illustrator: Ewa Podles | Publication Date: March 26, 2015 | Publisher: 4EYESBOOKS | Pages: 28 | Recommended Ages: 0 to 8

Summary: Patches is an energetic caterpillar who is trying to decide what activities to do. In the end, she doesn't put any limits on herself and lives her life to the full.

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11 April 2015

Over and Doubt ...Gracious English, dry wit, learned asides, well-researched background

Fancy a bit of political theory mixed up with your murder? a group of Danish students with daring plans for a new world order? a scam involving some missing music scores? wolf-ravens in Scandinavian folklore? Then this is the book for you!
The wife of a London modernist composer, unhappy in her marriage, seeks fresh interests at Copenhagen University, she gets involved in a student movement and meets a brutal death. The investigation uncovers some dubious characters and a confusing web of possibilities, but DI Wickfield is equal to the challenge – just! …

The Author - Member of an ancient but completely undistinguished York family, by chance born and brought up in the Midlands, Julius Falconer studied abroad before working as a translator back in the UK. Thinking that he could earn more as a teacher, to fund his extravagant life-style, he took a PGCE at Leeds University and duly turned to teaching. He slaved away at the chalk-face for twenty-six stirring years in both Cornwall and Scotland before retiring to grow cabbages in Yorkshire, where he still lives – when he’s not occupying a remote cottage in central France. His wife of thirty-three years unfortunately died in 2000. He has one daughter, married. In 2008, looking to fill his new-found leisure profitably(?), he started to write detective novels and is still happily scribbling away eighteen books later. Go to www.juliusfalconer.com for further exciting details.

“Erudite, witty and superbly crafted,
murder mystery from the master of the genre”

8 April 2015

Once Upon a Game - The Precarious Career of a Games Inventor

How do you get an idea for a game? What’s involved in developing it and making an initial prototype? How important is play-testing, and whom do you involve in that process? What are the tips for writing rules? How do you go about trying to get your idea onto the marketplace? What are the important parts of a contract?
This book won’t provide all the answers, but it will give you an insight into the fascinating, and sometimes frustrating world of games inventing based on Michael’s 55 years experience. Packed with lots of stories - the successes and failures; the laughter and tears, the delight and the boredom…

The Author
Michael lives with his wife, Maggie, in France. They write books and educational material together. Their daughter, Cath, has illustrated one of the books. Michael has been a Board and card games inventor and author for most of his life. According to him his qualification has been mostly from the 'University of life'! His published works include over 50 board and card games, and 15 books, most of which are detailed on his website: www.kindredgamesandbooks.co.uk
Michael's particular interests, apart from the inventing and writing, are in groupwork, teamwork, communication skills and setting cryptic crosswords.
Michael is available for interviews, blogs, writing educational material and devising board and card games to order.

“Dicing with brilliant ideas”

4 April 2015

A Vaporous Collection of Moments - Mad rants on subjects too ridiculous to ignore

Short Stories and Essays on the Absurdities of Life
Do you have enormous difficulty with your clothing? Does your cat think you’re stupid? Do you find history, holidays, travel, and even fruit funny? A Vaporous Collection of Moments is the author’s 3rd short story collection and contains 75 separate essays and stories about the absurdities, and hilarity, of everyday life. They include individual vignettes about the oddities of daily life.
What others would say about this book, if they were living:
“I came, I saw, I read!” - G.J. Caesar
“Sic semper tyrrific!!” - J.W. Booth
“I am not a pastry!” - L.H. Oswal

The Author
Dominic Macchiaroli is an author living in Phoenix, Arizona. He has been writing his entire life, and has published three books of short stories and essays, putting a humorous slant on topics like marriage, politics, history, house pets, even holiday recipes. Dom is a property manager by trade, and is the married father of two adult children.
His books are entitled My Parakeet was an Anarchist (2009), Skateboarding on the Appian Way (2010), and A Vaporous Collection of Moments (2013). Dom is available for interviews day and night. His email address is macco@q.com, and on Facebook at The Dom Macchiaroli Writing Page.
His work has appeared in such places as Long Story Short, Apollo’s Lyre, Storiesville, Editred, Short Humour Site, Fictionaut, Writer’s CafĂ©, Paradise Valley Independent, Salon, People of Few Words, Volume 3. and various online publications.

“An amazing maze of amusement”