11 October 2014

Richard Selby's review of 'Come What May' - Poems "from a beautiful mind, and also a tough mind".

Henry Disney's collection of poems "Come What May", weave together the myriad threads of a life-time's experiences into a richly coloured tapestry. And you will surely disagree with him, as I have, when he describes his work as, "stumbling verse" - AWE: page 26 and "faltering rhyme" - CELEBRATION: page 48. It is certainly not either of these things. Henry hacks away at the brambles of what he sees as a corrupt and corrupting world, to allow the light of some higher hope to sparkle on the clearing ground. Life is in the blood - The Bible: Leviticus chapter 17 verse 11, thus Henry is very sanguine about the risks of living out a human span without the gift of life from God. The nation needs to know the truth, he seems to be saying. When we have put down our daily papers, Henry seeks to offer us the truth between the lines and picks up his pen to fill his empty pages with mildly waspish words, withal the headline - The Emperor Has No Clothes!"

'Richard Selby works with children who have special needs in Bury St Edmunds'

8 October 2014

A review of 'Whittington Manor 2 - The Poppy Sunset'

Having read the first Whittington Manor novel by Claire Voet, I fully expected W.M. II would have that same deft touch. I was not wrong.
I cannot claim this is a man’s adventure book, full of fire and brimstone, but what I can say is that if someone out there is looking for a really good read, a cracking story, full of intrigue, and dirty dealings, and possessing of some really nasty characters that make your blood boil, then this is one for you.
However, this book should contain a warning for wimps like me, who believe that a beautiful woman who acts out of character can be much more scary than a man. The reader’s hackles will probably rise much quicker than mine, as sinister acts and strange behaviour begin to unfold throughout these pacey chapters.
Yet within these pages, betrayal, and sinister plotting is not just confined to the forceful women as they lead their men and even their own kind by the nose. This story has family wantonness and strife in abundance, and at no point was I able to detect how this tale might end.
Whittington Manor II begins after the Second World War has ended, and when the millions of British people, rich and poor alike, were returning to ruined homes and family life that could never be quite the same again. The author paints a vivid picture of the stark contrast between working class and the aristocracy, of how different we all speak and act and of how wealth and the lack of it has no monopoly on breeding.
Please, don’t just take my word for it, pick up the book and read, and I defy you to be disappointed with your choice, or to predict the ending!
Harry Riley

6 October 2014

A review of GORILLA DREAMS by Margaret Burbidge in the 'All Saints Newsletter'

Stories are worth waiting for, says Sue Hampton, and her latest children's book, Gorilla Dreams, is just that... These two stories excite the imagination and will raise questions in the reader's mind. They are well-written, descriptive and funny. The author touches on growing up and the reality of life without sentimentality. Sue Hampton tells her stories straight... Mary Casserley's quirky drawings lift the text and enhance the narrative... The story worked its magic on his pupils and... the reader.
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3 October 2014

A Review of 'A Long Journey Back' by Meggie Latham - Thame

This book is a story of survival but unlike other similar works, I found its lack of sentimentality very pleasing. Chris gives a real picture of his struggle to cope with his son’s situation, not always as perfectly as he would have liked. He describes his struggle to work out how to behave in the face of something new and terrifying.
It is a work about a parent’s worst nightmare, but Chris’s description of his experience of watching his son’s potential destruction and his fight back to a satisfying life, very different from his old one, is moving and gripping. The bravery and determination of the whole family, an ordinary and happy one until this tragedy, is amazing.
It was refreshing that Chris attached no blame or criticism of the health care received and only thanks and appreciation for what happened. The insightful and honest ‘voices’ of both Chris and his son Rob, threading through the book kept me reading. I would recommend this book as an uplifting and inspiring book, even though the situation is sad.

Meggie Latham - Thame, Newbooks

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30 September 2014

Roxy Rogers: Your Destiny is Calling | Author: Emily Siskin-Toy

About the Book

Roxy Rogers coverTitle: Roxy Rogers: Your Destiny is Calling | Author: Emily Siskin-Toy | Illustrator: Brian C. Krümm | Publication Date: August 24, 2014 | Publisher: Three-Bug Books | Pages:32 | Recommended Ages: 6 to 9

What happens when a young girl with a Hall of Fame baseball pedigree breaks the family mold and follows her dream to become a soul singer? "Roxy Rogers: Your Destiny Is Calling", a picture book for ages 6 - 9, lets children see that their families will love them just the same when they pursue their true passions in life.
Everybody in Roxy's family--from her great-grandpa (played with Lou Gehrig), to her grandpa (played with Jackie Robinson), to her mother (super-star college softball player), to her father (was a Los Angeles Dodger), to her sister (won a Gold Medal for Team USA Softball, and so on)--famously played ball, and Roxy is next in line. The only problem is that Roxy dreams of singing soul music like her idol, Aretha Franklin!
A historical addendum provides information about the Hall of Fame baseball players who turn up in the book, as well as Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul music. Additionally, a fun treasure hunt for clues about Roxy's true destiny runs throughout the book, giving readers an enhanced, interactive experience.

26 September 2014

Silver Eagle (Dutch Version) - Book Signing in Veghel, Netherlands

'SILVER EAGLE', het waargebeurd verhaal van Clancy Lyall. Veteraan van de Band of Brothers werd geschreven door Clancy's goede vriend Ronald Ooms.

Al Mampre ( 92), veteran of the 101st Airborne Division 506 P.I.R. Easy Company "Band of Brothers", received a free copy of Clancy Lyall's book Silver Eagle from author Ronald Ooms. ( Veghel, the Netherlands)

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23 September 2014

Lobo Goes to the Galapagos by C.L. Murphy

About the Book

Lobo Goes to the Galapagos by C. L. MurphyTitle: Lobo Goes to the Galapagos (The Adventures of Lovable Lobo) | Author: C.L. Murphy | Publication Date: August 27, 2014 | Publisher: Peanut Butter Prose | Pages:32 | Recommended Ages: 3 to 7

Summary: Lobo returns in this adventure, sweeter and a bit salty this time. This lil' wolf pup finds that there's nothing like a little sea air to bring out the best in him and his unlikely tag-alongs. Take a trip to the Galapagos with Lobo and his right-hand raven, Roxy, as they help an injured, new feathered friend return home. Lobo faces some fears and witnesses the joy that comes from helping others in this "birds of a different feather DO flock together" tale.