Chester to Chepstow - Cycle ride along the coastline of Wales

Cyclist, John Davies, releases a book which charts the course of an exciting cycle ride that follows the coastline of Wales beginning from Chester to Chepstow About this book A land of magnificent mountains, verdant valleys, beautiful beaches and towering castles. All this, the travel brochures tell you, is crammed into the tiny country of Wales – and it’s true. A marvellous place to visit then, and what better way to see it than on a bicycle? Starting just across the border in Chester, this book charts the course of a cycle ride which roughly follows the coastline of Wales. The sights seen are vividly described with many references to their historical significance.... Find out more: Chester to Chepstow Have you read this book? Found it interesting / informative / entertaining / useful/ inspirational etc.? Please share you views. Thank you.

Creating Adults NOT Raising Children by Brian Fox, Author and life coach

Author and life coach Brian Fox shares insight on why you should not be raising children but striving to create responsible adults. About this book When you have a child you are not only bringing a new life into the world, you are creating a whole new person. That person does not come already equipped to survive in life; they have to learn all they need to cope in the real world. Being a parent is much more than procreation; it is about helping this new person learn the skills and attitudes that will carry them through to the end of their days. It is in childhood that we expect to be equipped with the tools and learn the basics that will last a lifetime. We expect our parents to teach us these fundamental things. This book will offer a little insight into this world and will help you to understand various conditions that may affect children. You are responsible for the kind adult your child will become. You are creating adults – not raising children, whether you realise it or

Meditations From The Psalms

Devotional book based on the Psalms hugely inspiring and refreshing to the soul. Designed to lift the spirits and direct the thoughts towards God. About this book Hidden within the psalms are timeless lyrics of devotion, petition, angst and love for an unchanging, unfailing God. These devotionals, based on the psalms, lead the reader into a deeper contemplation of God's loving kindness, and can help renew a sense of awe and wonder at the majesty of God. As you take a daily journey through the songs, prepare to be enriched through the psalmists' experiences of the undying mercies of God. Perfect ‘daily bread’ or devotional. Find out more: Meditations From The Psalms Have you read this book? Found it interesting / informative / entertaining / useful / inspirational etc.? Please share you views. Thank you.

To Blog or Not to Blog

Source: ...Author’s blogs are almost a medium unto themselves. They meld the journal of the personal author as well as the corporate message of a business. The combination of the two is certainly a challenge for many authors, because you have to be personable while selling yourself at the same time. You need to let the reader into your life, but only so much. So how do you tell where that fine line is? How do you begin? First, make your entries personal. Think about what you want to write ahead of time. Don’t necessarily write about your book and only your book. For example, say your book was a critique of modern parenting. Instead of plugging the book every chance you get (which is just outright selling something and no one will read it), continue where your book left off. Talk about things you would have liked to include, current events, etc. The more you expand your scope, the more readers will be drawn back to your site and the more likely they are to recommend it

A Collection of Prayers and Poems

A collection of inspiring prayers and poems written to lift the spirits, encourage the heart and direct the thoughts towards God. This book will help those who are afraid to express themselves in prayer to begin to pray. About this book Life is a mystery. It's a journey we must embark on daily. Some days we take the right turns and other days, we don't. When we pray, we're asking God to guide and position us in the right direction; trusting Him, needing Him and accepting His instructions especially when the circumstances prove too difficult to handle on our own. Find out more: A Collection of Prayers and Poems Have you read this book? Found it interesting / informative / entertaining / useful / inspirational etc.? Please share you views. Thank you.

The Two Lands

Professional watercolour artist Paul Purday, releases debut fantasy fiction novel. The Plot This is a complete two-part story of sixteen year-old Peter who enters a strange world and virtually straight away is involved in a fast-moving. adventure to free the Land from increasing evil and darkness. Book One is complete in itself, but Book Two continues the story, when Peter is aware of a new deception and is caught up in a quest to find the Golden City, the route to which has been hitherto unachievable. He approaches the varied problems, not by overcoming them through force, but by the principal of non-violence which he learns with increasing depth from the great personages he meets in the Land." Find out more: The Two Lands Have you read this book? Found it interesting / informative / entertaining / useful / inspirational etc.? Please share you views. Thank you.

90 Minutes Is Not Enough

Football enthusiast Robert Mann, launches fictional book on football. The Plot Have you ever wondered if your local town's football team could make it in the Coca Cola League and how they would get on? "90 Minutes Is Not Enough" is the story of just that. Meet the players, manager and the somewhat unorthodox chairman of Redbourne Rovers as they go from the obscurity of non league football to the glory of being the winners of the first domestic final in England played at the new Wembley in their inaugural season in the league. Follow their progress in a breathtaking rollercoaster of a journey around the football grounds of England, spiced with a bit of romance, a lot of skulduggery and some very unexpected twists. Essentially though, it is all about the beautiful game and the dreams of success that are encompassed within it by every fan, player and manager involved with it. Find out more: 90 Minutes Is Not Enough Have you read this book? Found it interesting / i