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How important is it to develop an online presence/audience before publishing an actual book?

They're all foreigners abroad by Stuart Wright

Why do the Brits have such a bad reputation whilst on their holidays abroad? "I would challenge anyone to read the book and then say that they didn't recognize themselves somewhere. You may not want to admit it but you're in there somewhere!" - Stuart Wright Read a press review Find out more: They're all foreigners abroad

The Truth About Books - In all Probability by Steve Morris

Read the review of the book 'In all Probability' by The Truth About Books . Hold on. Not so fast. Just when you think it’s just another day…. An assassin with a unique technique, an almost-was soccer star and a bitter long-forgotten one-hit-wonder pop star are just a few of the random characters who turn up within the stories in this book. Each are loveable in their own different ways and are doing their very best to dodge Lady Luck’s sadistic target practice. Heroes they are not. This all happens within “In All Probability” the first collection of Steve Morris’s diverse short stories. And do they all live happily ever after? In all probability- probably not. Find out more: In all Probability

Author releases a cracking and comical collection of short stories. My Parakeet was an Anarchist by Dominic Macchiaroli

Venture into a world of fractured history and observational nonsense. These stories will captivate and annoy you like none you’ve ever read before. Unexersized Cats Our cat has to be picked up in stages. He is enlarged in his fatness. His girth spreads over time zones and dimensions. Quantum physics can't describe his bulk. My wife suggests a gentle diet, so, ‘He doesn’t explode’. I suggest having his hair shaved and stomach stapled with industrial strength steel grommets. The Annoying Habit of Henry VIII King Henry was a fearless jouster. In competitions, people rooting for him got to sit in gilded bleachers and were plied with free alcohol and cooked game served by fair maids. The opposition sat in fetid mud, drank warm slime out of broken casks and ate gruel….Henry always had time for jousting, even when he was otherwise busy ordering beheadings, abbey thrashings, and the odd invasion of Normandy. How Lunch Ruined Western Civilization My wife produced homemade mayonn

Author releases sequel to children’s fantasy fiction novel. The Wishing Book 2: Return to Mars by Grahame Howard

Since John Carter’s and the other children’s last exciting and harrowing journey to Planet Mars, much has happened. Great fortune has been bestowed on their families and their lives have improved greatly. Over in Tenerife, Pedro Armaz decides to make The Wishing Book safe from possible theft. Through a series of unpredictable events Pedro and the children once again find themselves on Planet Mars because of Zelmut’s incessant desire to obtain the book for his own selfish desires – to rule the Universe. However, Pedro has done some forward planning to protect the Wishing Book should something beyond his control happen. When Zelmut finally obtains the book, he finds it is useless and has no power whatsoever. He is furious and imprisons John, Pedro and the others. Meanwhile, Pedro’s son Julio and grandson Miguel obtain the real Wishing Book and set off to Planet Mars to rescue the others. An intense adventure follows with Julio and Miguel being captured by Martian warriors. J

150+ Ways to Win Over Customers and Make That Sale

Christopher Hopkins shares practical and down to earth skills for successful online selling along with proven techniques and Strategies to win over customers and achieve incredible results in business. This book literally takes you by the hand and guides you step-by-step through the process of ENTICING PEOPLE TO YOUR WEBSITE and persuading them to respond. It shows you CLEARLY AND CONCISELY the proven methods and systems that GET INCREDIBLE RESULTS. You’ll discover enough insider know-how to WOW YOUR CUSTOMERS and leave them itching to come back for more. It’s your   COMPLETE GUIDE TO ONLINE SALES, whether you’re just starting-out, or already running a business and eager to improve your techniques. You’ll discover: How to create an amazing website. How to gain the trust of your customers. How to close the sale. The vital ingredient needed to turn a sceptical prospect into a satisfied customer. … AND MUCH MORE! This book will also reveal the one sales technique that AL