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A delightful medley of short stories - In ‘Serendipity’ there is something for everyone.

In ‘Serendipity’ there is something for everyone. If your taste is humour there are plenty including ‘It’s No Laughing Matter’, ‘Stop! …Don’t Go Any Further’. There are slices of real life in ‘Arthur’, ‘Lanky Franky’, ‘Death of the Hindenburg’ and ‘My Only Sunshine’. There is satire and irreligious ones–written without any malice. In the animal stories ‘The Dog’, ‘The Gulls’ Court’ and ‘The Camel’ the author gives himself full rein and enjoyed exercising anthropomorphism. In short ‘Serendipity’ is the word - take a dip and find your winner. Author John Butler says  “In this miscellany of fifty or more stories runs the gamut from humour, drama, satire, farce and fantasy to contemplative thinking, mystery and the supernatural. Serendipity embraces all the human emotions. Enjoy it! ”  John Butler is a retired head teacher and lecturer, he has spent forty years in education. For many years he has taught creative writing to adult groups. Being an avid reader of short stories, the au

Mysterious spine-tingling tales

Wreckers and other strange tales By Harry Riley The tales has been created especially for those brief interludes in our busy lives, when time is too short for a long read, and we would like something entertaining and perhaps unusual, but not too demanding, from which to dip in and out, at a moment’s notice. Harry Riley says: “With over thirty tales in this collection I agonised over which of them should be the cover story. However, the bleak solitude of those storm-tossed light-towers, often built off some wild and windswept, rocky coast, has always fascinated me, and so I chose the drama of the sea, with: ‘Wreckers.’"  ... .. Find out more

A Provocative Story of the Paranormal

Harley House By  Fred Maddox   Assume Nothing! Peter Grice was your average kind of guy, an ordinary man, down-to-earth, simple and certainly not superstitious. He was a sceptic and dismissed stories of ghosts, ghouls and little men from Mars as nonsense–a figment of the imagination. He disregarded stories of the supernatural, and scoffed at people who related such tales. This was until he moved to a new town and met Greg and his three friends in Harley House. The sequence of events which followed his encounter with them would shake his view of the world to the core and when he meets the ‘operator’ – his perception of the life is dramatically altered forever. . .. Find out more  

Celebrity, singer-songwriter Jackie Trent promotes Harry Riley's latest novel

The Laird of Castle Ballantine | Fiction: Supernatural thriller, Suspense, Crime by Harry Riley Harry Riley's latest book, 'The Laird of Castle Ballantine' promoted by celebrity, singer-songwriter and Patron of Eastwood Booktown, Jackie Trent. David Page (Pen name: Harry Riley - first from LEFT in photo)

Murder mystery on the Scottish Borders

The Laird of Castle Ballantine By  Harry Riley ...a strange and deadly mystery It is 1964, Leonard McFadden - a brash, young cockney reporter for a national newspaper is dispatched by his editor to the Scottish Borders, to follow up on the strange case of Doctor James Parker. Along with a party of other journalists he attends a midnight vigil in a rain-sodden churchyard by the River Tweed. Returning to the graveside in the early morning sunlight and suffering from a queasy stomach – the editor's golden boy, young reporter Leonard McFadden, staggers and grasps a tombstone for support, and plunges headlong into a strange and deadly mystery that fate has diabolically thrust across his path.