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The Five Facets of Murder - A Sparkling Page-Turner

Genre:  Fiction: Crime Detective Mystery The Percival diamond disappears when twins, William and Elsie Percival, are children. Not too long afterwards, their parents die. They  unearth a trunk in the attic; the contents: the secret to the Percival diamond, and set out to find out what happened to it. Mary, their cousin, whom the siblings have not seen in many years, may be able to unlock the mystery and so a house party is organised in her honour. The party guests that arrive at Oakmere Hall are a mixed bunch. Death also pays a visit, bringing Inspector Thomas and his bumbling sidekick Constable Turner up to the estate to try to unravel the enigma. …Find out more… visit book page Reviews "A jewel of a novel, shimmering with intrigue and suspense." … "I couldn’t put it down, and I didn't guess the murderer either!" …Francis Gershwin, Office Manager. "Compelling mixture of chills … with threads of humour running