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In one moment, their fate was decided

The Derby Telegraph invites readers to submit short stories. Here is a piece by Philip Neale (pen name - Neal James), titled: 'In one moment, their fate was decided' "To his right, standing in front of the teller, was a man clad in black, the gun in his hand pointing straight at the teller's head." MICHAEL O'Reilley was going to apologise to his family. Apologise for all the wasted years he had inflicted upon each of them and somehow beg their forgiveness for the emotional anguish which he had caused. Jennifer, his wife of 22 years, had suffered most over the past three of those, and it was to her that he was now hurrying, heart and mind filled to the brim with remorse and self-loathing for the humiliation which he had heaped upon her during that time... Read entire story at: Derby Telegraph Site © Article and image source - Derby Telegraph Neal James is the author of four books: 'A Ticket to Tewkesbury' , 'Short Stories - Volume

Cancer Woman's book featured in the Surrey Herald

A NEW Haw author who overcame breast cancer is hoping her new book will encourage more women to go for potentially life-saving mammograms. Avril Saunders, 63, was diagnosed with breast cancer in March last year following a routine mammogram. She said the quick diagnosis was the reason she could now look forward to spending many years spoiling her grandchildren. Her book, Mammograms Save Lives, dealing with what she went through, was published on Thursday (February 23). See the feature - A Surrey Hearld and News Publication Avril Saunders is the author of ' Chasin’ That Carrot ' and her newly released book 'Mammograms Save Lives'