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H ere is the true and honest story of a man who out of the blue fell victim to oesophageal cancer in mid-life and fought back. He takes the reader from his incomprehension at the moment of diagnosis, to his bewilderment, then acceptance, the battle and finally the all-clear. He does not spare us the disappointments, pain, loneliness and much more! Find out more... Reviews “A very powerful account of one man's journey through the complex NHS system after being diagnosed with cancer. Never losing his sense of humour throughout you will find this book both fascinating and insightful. The author is very relatable which kept me hooked right from the start.” Shirley Harvey "I could not put it down. I didn't expect a book about cancer to make me laugh out loud, but it did. The humour lightened the mood while still telling the story. The author has managed to find the right balance between conveying their personal experience/opinions while remaining non-judgemen

A review of 'The Wholesome Truth about Healing'

" This book presents a very well reasoned and persuasive argument in favour of Divine healing for today. Beginning with an identification of prejudices against healing and moving on to an investigation of the phenomena, both from the Bible and from Church History, Yomi Akinpelu builds a case for encouraging people today to be open for God to heal them from all kinds of sicknesses and diseases. From here application is given on how to receive healing and throughout the book is laced with testimonies and stories of God’s intervention in people’s lives to bring about such healings. The thorny issue of why some are not healed is also addressed and advice is given on how to live a healthy lifestyle. Along the journey through this book, Yomi takes note of scholarly opinion, both for and against divine Healing and the conclusion is an enlightening and convincing affirmation that Divine healing did not cease with the early church but is available for people, whether believers o

Does God desire perfect health for all? - A book trailer

The Wholesome Truth about Healing | Theology | by Yomi Akinpelu |

Free eBook Promotion from Spring Leaf Books June 12, 2012

The e-book edition of 'The Wholesome Truth about Healing' by Yomi Akinpelu is free on Amazon today June 12, 2012. If you haven't picked up any of Yomi Akinpelu's publications yet, this is a great opportunity to try one of them for free. "Does God desire perfect health for all? If He does, why are some healed and others not healed? ...This book may well be the most thought-provoking and helpful presentation of this controversial subject you ever read, it tackles the tough questions, offers hope, and inspires faith in God’s ability and willingness to heal." More... Amazon Kindle Link - The Wholesome Truth about Healing “Well researched, edifying, exhilarating!” … ...