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Going Against the Grain | The Creator's Diet Explained

Genre:  Dietetics and nutrition, Diets and dieting The array of highly processed and refined food options created to appeal to our senses coupled with our hectic lifestyles, have resulted in a massive shift from consuming a wholesome diet. A real mind-set change is necessary to go against the grain and take charge of our diets and lives. What we eat ultimately determines how well we function, consequently it is of uttermost importance that we feed on the best foods for our health. This book encourages the reader to regain control of their lives by applying seven simple dietary and lifestyle principles. The Creator’s Diet Explained simplifies healthy eating and explains the basics in food and dietary principles. In this edition you will discover the following: • The seven foundational principles of The Creator’s Diet • The role of a healthy diet in helping to maintain health • Many practical tips, meal options and much more... …Find out more… visit book page “Wholesom

Book Savvy Spotlight on Nicola Burgher-Kennedy

Bringing you exclusive interviews with authors featured in the Book Savvy Newsletter. Our Guest is Nicola Burgher-Kennedy * Enjoy the interview. Q1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your book 'The Creator's Diet'? I'm a public health nutritionist with approximately 15 years experience. I'm resident nutritionist on Premier Christian Radio Station, a wife, mother and a Christian. The book is a result of much research and provides a summary of the biblical principles on nutrition to help individuals make the best food choices for their health and ultimately their destinies. Q2. Tell us how you became a nutritionist? I actually never set out to be a nutritionist but rather was going down the doctor route. But then in a final module of my first degree which was nutrition related, I changed directions to study nutrition. Q3. What made you write this book? So many things really, but primarily my father's death from prostate cancer and the incidenc

Premier Radio's resident diet and nutrition expert returns to answer more of your food dilemmas.

Nicola Burgher-Kennedy, Premier Radio's ever-popular resident diet and nutrition expert, returns to answer more of your food dilemmas from a practical and Biblical perspective. Featuring on John Pantry's Inspirational Breakfast show, Nicola will be sharing her top tips for eating healthily on a tight budget as well as taking your calls. Tune in with your questions at 7.50am UK time, Thursday, 10 May 2012. Premier Radio London 1305, 1332, 1413 MW National DAB Sky Digital 0123 Freeview 725 Nicola Burgher-Kennedy is the author of 'The Creator's Diet' Facebook: Nicola Burgher Nutrition Twitter: NicolaBurgher We wish Nicola the very best with this event.