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The Power of Reading - Mind-blowing Research

Study after study has found that older people who were mentally engaged doing things like reading and writing, or taking part in hobbies or games, stayed mentally sharper than those who were not. Many hundreds of studies have shown that mice and rats which are kept in cages with a variety of objects to explore show much better memory and cognitive abilities than those kept in standard, relatively austere environment. What's more, they also grow extra brain cells! When we face challenges, including mental challenges, our brains release a chemicals which help sharpen our perception and decision-making process. Brain connections are strengthened and brain networks grow as a result of the beneficial effects of chemicals released in the brain triggered by mental stimulation or challenge such as reading books (paperback and Ebooks). If you are in search of an Ebook store in London United Kingdom , please do visit our website. Reading is life-transforming and can help both children and ad

Welcome to your Success and Motivational Toolbox

Announcing the Pneuma Springs blog, visit to read great content with shared fortnightly on a variety of topics of interest ranging from personal finance , health, personal development, relationships, habits, gratitude and more; all designed to help you blow the cap off your capability. Read the Pneuma Springs Blog