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No pleasure so lasting

The ability to read is an awesome gift, enabling you not just to perform tasks like reading the instructions for the use of new electrical equipment, or reading the signs to where you’re going or reading the label on a can of food in the supermarket, but so you can enjoy life through reading jokes, letters, prose, poetry etc. If you want to travel but can't afford the ticket, through reading you can imagine walking along a sandy and sunny seashore, skiing down snowy mountain slopes, sleeping in a field of flowers, or adventuring in an African Safari. Your holiday destinations are quite frankly practically limitless. No entertainment is so cheap as reading, nor any pleasure so lasting.  (Mary Wortley Montagu) Books are magical, people can find a new world through the power of the written word. Books have a certain kind of enchantment about them; they are able to catapult you to a different world in the twinkling of an eye. Between the covers of a book exists a sort of paradise. All