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A tale of forbidden passions - To Know the Road

Annie Coyle Martin's story of forbidden passions set in the war years and played against a background of sectarianism and religious conservatism in Ireland. An inspiring tale of love, hate and the indomitable human spirit. It is 1937, Victoria is the youngest daughter of well to do Irish Protestant parents. A chance meeting with a handsome stranger sets Victoria on a heartbreaking path of conflict involving family, tradition and religion. Caught between the Catholic and Protestant hostilities in Ireland, will Victoria and Donny ever find happiness? This is a story of forbidden passions set primarily in the Thirties and the war years, and plays against a background of sectarianism and extreme social and religious conservatism in an Ireland neutral in the war, isolated at the edge of Europe and yet impacted in every filament of daily life by the conflict. Find out more… To Know the Road “A sweeping heart-tugging wartime love story brought to life by deftly crafted character