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Simple Habits - Outstanding Results

You don't put your valuables within easy reach of children. Similarly, life puts valuable things on higher levels, so you can reach them by the books you stand upon. Success is not what you achieve, it's what you attract by the person you have become; the person you become through reading, learning, self-development and personal growth. Be careful not to neglect doing the small things in your life that make the big things happen. According to the book 'Read and soar' by Yomi Akinpelu, reading is a simple habit that can make extraordinary things happen. You are the same today as you'll be in five years except for two things: the books you read and the people you meet. (Charlie ‘Tremendous’ Jones) Jack Canfield, the author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, said he had read over 3000 books by reading a small daily 'dose' every day. He is in the Guinness Book of World Records for the number-one books on the Best Seller’s List at the same time. The daily habit of rea


Over a decade ago, while holidaying abroad, I woke up one morning with this thought ringing in my head: ‘books are ladders … books are ladders’. As I pondered on this phrase I realised the acuity of these words. Books provide us with the insight and inspiration we need to climb swiftly in order to reach our goals in life. A good book will draw out from within you courage and perception that you never knew you possessed. Books are ladders for advancement to greatness. Brian Tracy once said, if you read 30-60 minutes a day, five days a week, you will read on average a book in a week. That will translate to about thirty to fifty books a year. If you read about fifty books a year on a subject, you will get the equivalent of a PhD in that field in about a year. You can get the equivalent of a million-pound idea just from a book but you never know which book will give you the insight unless you read widely. All you have to do is keep reading lots of material and ever so often, one observatio

Painted Ghosts - Three Colourful Nifty Tales

  T hree women head from England to modern day India; each on a personal quest. Daphne revisits the Ajanta caves to re-find the artist in her that she had to abandon as a teenager. Has she the strength to face the painted ghosts of her past? Stella wanders the sands of Goa with her estranged sister in the hope of reconciliation. Can the celebration of an ancient myth at the Garden of Izzat Baig heal the rift? Ria is drawn to the snowy heights of the Himalayas to find a long lost twin, but becomes embroiled in a family dispute in a home with a view of glass mountains. And will she ever find her twin? …Find out more…visit book web page   “Colourful shades of Indian life in three nifty tales” …

Peter Hodgson's detective mystery novel - 'Critical Murder'

A dirty bomb explodes amidst an anti-war protest in North London. Severe injuries, caused by toxic fumes from a uranic compound used in the bomb; put Britain's security services on high alert. Tara Drake is an attractive highly trained agent. She is promoted into a special unit of MI5's anti-terrorist branch. When suspicion falls on an extremist group called The Amama, Drake is assigned the job of helping her colleagues track down the mastermind behind the attack. Over 200 miles away in Cumbria, DI Dave Perry finally escapes his lethargy when a call takes him to a grisly crime scene in Glenmar Forest. The bizarre, brutal murder of a nuclear plant worker has no obvious motive. The only clue - writing on the soles of the victim's feet - steers Perry's investigation in two directions. Criticised by his superior, Perry follows his intuition in a desperate search for answers. As more tragic events unfold, Perry is forced into a confrontation against a formidable foe an

A tale of forbidden passions - To Know the Road

Annie Coyle Martin's story of forbidden passions set in the war years and played against a background of sectarianism and religious conservatism in Ireland. An inspiring tale of love, hate and the indomitable human spirit. It is 1937, Victoria is the youngest daughter of well to do Irish Protestant parents. A chance meeting with a handsome stranger sets Victoria on a heartbreaking path of conflict involving family, tradition and religion. Caught between the Catholic and Protestant hostilities in Ireland, will Victoria and Donny ever find happiness? This is a story of forbidden passions set primarily in the Thirties and the war years, and plays against a background of sectarianism and extreme social and religious conservatism in an Ireland neutral in the war, isolated at the edge of Europe and yet impacted in every filament of daily life by the conflict. Find out more… To Know the Road “A sweeping heart-tugging wartime love story brought to life by deftly crafted character

A captivating thriller - 'Sins of the Father'

Ruthlessly manipulated for most of his adult life by a cunning enemy posing as his friend, half drowned and enslaved in the Congo and hoodwinked in New York, Doctor James Parker slides into a deep pit of depression. Utterly consumed by misery and grief with his best friend and his fiancé missing, his family decimated by the death of his father and his beloved sister, he is past listening to reason and believes he has every reason to kill his generous benefactor, the man he blames for all his misfortunes. But the gallows await! After a cruel start in life, abandoned outside an orphanage as a baby, Billy Turpin grows up to become big, strong and handsome, a natural and highly successful entrepreneur running several companies. Greedy councillors, gullible men and women are willingly hypnotized by his wealth, his easy confidence and charismatic charm. But one person suspects he is also a psychopathic killer with a very personal and mysterious grudge against him, his family and friends.