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The Scientific and Medical Network Reviews 'The Theologian Slave Trader'

"This is a very unusual and fascinating book with intriguing parallels between the subject - the Danish Ghanaian Fredericus Petri Svane Africanus, who lived between 1710 and 1789. Her own family was involved in the affairs of the Danish slave trading fortress, Christiansburg, where Fredericus also spent some time. The book is in two equal parts, the first giving the background to the story, and the second is Fredericus' own autobiography written in 1748 and addressed to the Duke von Plessen, in the hope of gaining employment. He had a tough life, full of ups and downs, but he maintained a vivid sense of God's providence throughout. The Reader gains a lively impression of his daily life and relationships. For instance, he describes in detail the work of his own slaves dragging large stones destined to build is mansion, which never materialise following multiple arrests and imprisonment. Indeed, his belongings were auctioned and the foundations of his building destroyed. A f