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Exhilarating autobiography of 70 year old desert runner

Me and My Shadow By Ray Matthews Exhilarating autobiography of 70 year old desert runner and his extraordinary 100 miles run round Rotherham. What kind of man runs 100 miles at the age of 70? What makes anyone want to run 100 miles? Who decides what the right age is to achieve your dreams? Throughout a lifetime, everyone has the opportunity to meet truly exceptional people. Ray Matthews is one of them. From being a cocky ginger haired, Yorkshire lad who just wanted to “have a go at boxing,” to his recent 100km Sahara Desert race, Ray’s life is truly inspiring and anyone seeking to take on the impossible should read this book. Ray writes with a passion that reflects his fervour for life. Feel the emotion as a young Ray takes steps that help him discover the most important mentors; who lead him to make the hardest choices; which made the biggest differences in his life. Find out more “Extraordinary and exhilarating” …