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Experience the daunting majesty and dangers of the intricate British Columbia coast

The Last Days Of George Vancouver, RN By Ron Palmer An account of George Vancouver’s life based on his journals edited by Canadian scholar W. Kaye Lamb   Britain's interest in the Northwest coast of America was enlivened during the late 18th century. Showing little regard to Spain's blanket claim for the whole coast from Cape Horn to the very north of America, Britain was determined to claim as their own, the fur trade and whaling industry, however this led to tensions and Britain prepared for hostilities. It was George Vancouver, in addition to his professional chart and surveying work, who carried out the diplomatic meeting with the Spanish commissioner on the terms of the Nootka Sound Agreement and negotiation with the Hawaiian chiefs for the islands to become a protectorate of Great Britain. Alas for all these credible achievements he was never recognised until long after his death.. .. Find out more