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Book Savvy Spotlight on Paul Purday

Bringing you exclusive interviews with authors featured in the Book Savvy Newsletter. Our Guest is  Paul Purday * Enjoy the interview.  Q1. Can you tell us a little about yourself? I am a professional watercolour artist who has, due to various reasons retired from exhibiting my work, but will still paint commissions if asked. I painted the picture for the cover design of my book and the fact that I wrote the great proportion of it while sitting in shopping centres manning my exhibitions, meant that my art provided the opportunity for its execution.   Q2. What gave you the impetus to write a book? I have written poetry most of my life and had some published as well as winning a poetry competition. Writing a book is always something I have considered but never found the right time. I read the 'Dark Secrets' and liked the style. This gave me the impetus to write, particularly as I had hours on my hands while I manned my exhibitions of watercolour paintings.   Q3.

Listen to Neal James' latest interview on Blog Talk Radio

The Plot James Poynter is a young man out for revenge. Set up for a crime which he did not commit, and by someone whom he felt he could trust implicitly, his sole focus becomes one of retribution against his former employers. His future at Brodsworth Textiles disintegrated one Friday evening prior to his wedding, when conscientiousness overtook him and he returned to the factory after work to rectify an error in his paperwork. What he discovered that night changed his life forever and set off a chain of events which sent him spiralling downwards, and out of a job which had promised so much. Murder, deception, drug trafficking and embezzlement combine to derail the futures of everyone connected to the company, and set off a chase for the man at the centre of a plot so intricately woven, that the forces of law and order in several countries are thwarted at every turn.

Finders Keepers - a short story by author Neal James

At last, back home. The rail journey up from London had been the worst he could ever remember. Stop and start all the way with one delay following another and precious little of anything edible in the buffet car. Three and a half hours to travel 200 miles on what was supposed to be a high speed railway after a business meeting which seemed to go on forever. Never mind, he’d already phoned his wife Jane to tell her of the delay until 7.30pm, and she would be waiting in the car for him. They would soon be off home for supper and a relaxing evening in front of the TV. James Michael Taylor was not one of life’s high flyers, feeling content to be one of the cogs in the corporate machine and happy to draw a monthly salary for a fairly routine set of regular tasks. He and Jane would always have liked a little more in the way of life’s comforts, but they were by no means hard up and now that the children were off their hands there was money at the end of the month these days instead of the

World War 2 History - Book Trailer

Wild Strawberries | War History by Derek Smith   This is the true story of a nine year old boy who, at the height of the Birmingham blitz, is transported from his ‘all mod cons’ big city home to the safety of a house in a remote south Staffordshire hamlet, a mile and a half from nowhere, where he finds himself living in domestic and sanitary conditions that have remained unaltered for over a thousand years – the culture shock to end all culture shocks.

Mammograms Save Lives - A Stirring True Story of Triumphant Recovery

Avril was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2011. After a mammogram she was called back to receive the devastating news that she had breast cancer. She felt well, had no symptoms, had never smoked, ate a healthy diet and exercised regularly, so how could this be? There was no explanation, it can happen to anyone! Author Avril Dalziel Saunders says ‘…I want to inspire and encourage these women as well as women all over the world to have regular checks. …my profit from the book sales will go to Breast Cancer Care and Macmillan Nurses. I am shouting this out loud…‘MAMMOGRAMS SAVE LIVES!’…   “Inspiring and triumphant” … Mammograms Save Lives is available in eBook. Mammograms Save Lives – Kobo ePub Mammograms Save Lives – Tesco ePub and PDF eBooks Mammograms Save Lives – Google Play PDF and ePub Mammograms Save Lives – Amazon Kindle Mammograms Save Lives – Apple iBook  

Romantic flame kindled on Royal Wedding Day - Out in eBook

Pomp and Circumstance | By  Sue Hampton Genre: Fiction: Children’s and young adult After a disastrous date with Eleanor, James wakes up to a house full of Royal Wedding fever. It may be a national holiday, but he’s in no mood for romance. His best friend Olly is anti-monarchy, but his loved-up parents are ready to party and his younger sister Faith sets off for Hyde Park to experience the atmosphere for herself. Somewhere across the city, in the crowd that James does not want to be part of, is a girl from a different kind of postcode who could change his world. POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCES is Sue Hampton’s seventeenth novel.   Pomp and Circumstances is available in the following eBook formats: Pomp and Circumstances – Kobo ePub Pomp and Circumstances – Tesco ePub and PDF eBooks Pomp and Circumstances – Amazon Kindle Pomp and Circumstances – Apple iBook “A spectacular rendezvous” …