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A Figure in the Mist - Detective mystery novel

An engaging and wonderfully entertaining detective mystery novel. The Plot When Lady Amelia Walden is murdered at Monk Fryston Hall Hotel in Yorkshire on the night of her eightieth birthday, the chief suspect is Robert Purbright, a bachelor in his fifties engaged at Farlington Hall, the ancestral Walden mansion, to catalogue her extensive collection of stamps. At his trial, the prosecution allege that he was creaming off choice specimens for himself and that his employer was beginning to have her suspicions. Exposure would have brought his career to an unpleasant end. The jury, however, find him Not Guilty. Enraged by their obtuseness, Lady Amelia’s son, Toby, vows to prove them wrong. …Find out more… Another classic British murder mystery by Julius Falconer – with the usual hallmarks – velvet-smooth English, well-shaped narrative, erudite allusions, and a rich surplus of thought-provoking obiter dicta. “Intelligent entertainment at its finest” … ..

Book Savvy Spotlight on Annie Coyle Martin

Bringing you exclusive interviews with authors featured in the Book Savvy Newsletter. Our Guest is Annie Coyle Martin * Enjoy the interview. Q1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your book 'To Know the Road'? I grew up in Ireland and now live in Kingston, Ontario. I've always loved to write and have been an avid reader since I was a child. Then there was no television so it was read or listen to the radio or, once in a while, a film in the nearby town. My teachers, apart from essays, did not encourage writing. When I retired in 1999 I began my first novel, "The Music of What Happens." I was greatly encouraged by Ann Decter of McGilligan Books in writing that book. Five years earlier, she had published a short story, "Jody," I had written in an anthology. "To Know the Road" continues the story of some of the characters in "The Music of What Happens". Now about the book; this is a story of forbidden passions

Ndlovu! - The White Elephant. Based on true-life events in Zimbabwe

A crime detective novel based on true-life events in Zimbabwe during the turbulent years after independence Ndlovu – The White Elephant is a pacy story set in Zimbabwe during the turbulent years that followed Rhodesia's Unilateral Declaration of Independence. The story highlights the dangers of police work in the explosive climate of a troubled country during years of the terror war and is woven around human suffering, painful endurance, and horrors that confronted the peoples both black and white. The narrative is loosely based upon the author’s own experiences in the police force of what was then Rhodesia. Thus the action of his story is set against an authentic background which the author experienced and the impeccable writing style gives a palpable vividness to the events. …Find out more “A palpable, action-packed story based on true-life events” …

Author of OTOLI interviewed on BBC James Hazell show

Radio interview on BBC Radio Suffolk Bryony Allen was interviewed on James Hazell show, BBC Radio Suffolk.   Bryony talked about her new book for teenagers 'OTOLI' and discussed issues around bullying and the Bullying UK charity. Listen to interview - Click here to play Streaming Audio

Two Dachshunds at Troy - A dog’s tale

A dog’s tale about the author and his two miniature dachshunds on their travels and adventures. By Jeremy Lousada ISBN: 978-1-907728-20-4 This delightful light-hearted book is the true story of a love affair. A love affair between the author and his two miniature dachshunds, one with which anyone who has ever loved a dog will empathise. They were born in Africa and travelled widely there. They were quite possibly the first dogs ever to cross Europe, solely by water from the North Sea to the Black Sea. They swam in the great lakes of Africa, in seven seas, chased baboons in Africa, rabbits in the High Jura on the European watershed, and lizards in the ruins of Troy. Sometimes they enjoyed it, sometimes they found it confusing, sometimes, as in a Turkish winter, they distinctly disapproved. It was an adventurous life... Find out more An entertaining, light-hearted and charming dog’s tale “Cannily delightful tale” … .