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Call Me Valentine

Derek Rosser’s exciting collection of true-life stories and childhood adventures from the inter-war years. Born in the year 1930, the year the airship R101 made its final disastrous voyage – life was exciting but very different to that experienced by today’s youngsters and teenagers. I am sure that we enjoyed life rather more than our modern counterparts. Not the joys of violent video games and computers – but rather the simpler pleasures that come from exercising the imagination. As an only child, with the aid of half a dozen lead soldiers and a toy fort (made by my father from scrap timber) I conquered India and extended the boundaries of the Empire. …Find out more “…I have attempted, in this book, to give the reader an insight into the life and emotions of a boy born in the inter war years. The facts are a true reflection of those formative years...” says Derek Rosser. “Exciting true-life childhood tales from the inter-war years” …

Book Savvy Spotlight on Ron Palmer

Bringing you exclusive interviews with authors featured in the Book Savvy Newsletter. Our Guest is Ron Palmer* Enjoy the interview. Q1) Can you tell us a little about yourself and your book 'To Boldly Go'? I retired early from a career of thirty-five years at sea as a Navigating Officer and eventually as Captain of VLCCs (Very Large Crude Carriers) to the west coast of Canada, which incidentally was still close to the marine environment. A natural progression one would agree for a retired naval person. In the fullness of time, I built my own boat and cruised the waters of British Columbia, since the urge to return to sea didn't just evaporate. Prior to this I had never given much thought to writing but, as it happened, on completing the building of a boat I felt the endeavour should be repeated. This feeling was resolved by writing about the experience rather than the expense of actually repeating the performance. To Boldly Go is a daring adventure of my att

Losing My Religion - The Radical Message of the Kingdom

A bold and fundamental message about the Kingdom of God–skilfully tackled and powerfully delivered.   This book arises from twenty five years of study and a passion to see people grasp the extent and significance of the Kingdom of God and to apply it in their own lives. This message is not an addendum to the gospel but is in fact the gospel. “…From the provocative title through to the last page I challenge and inform the reader's understanding of the Kingdom of God and its implications in the here and now. This is not just a theological diatribe, but a reasoned and gritty analysis of what the kingdom of God actually is and how it affects our lifestyle, values and hopes” says Richard Bradbury. Find out more A pertinent topic for all Christians. "A central and pertinent topic, skilfully tackled with insight" …

Wild Strawberries - Exhilarating true-life story of a war-time evacuee

War-time evacuee Derek Smith recounts his wild and exhilarating evacuee stories in a new book. This is the true story of a nine year old boy who, at the height of the Birmingham blitz, is transported from his ‘all mod cons’ big city home to the safety of a house in a remote south Staffordshire hamlet, a mile and a half from nowhere, where he finds himself living in domestic and sanitary conditions that have remained unaltered for over a thousand years – the culture shock to end all culture shocks. “…Writing this book was at times a strange experience, so intense were the memories that I often felt that I was that nine year old boy again. It was while in the country I was turned from city fool–into a country boy at heart” says author Derek Smith. Find out more. A poignant story of a young Brummie evacuated to the wild country-side during the Birmingham blitz “Exhilarating true-life story of a war-time evacuee” ...