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Book Savvy Spotlight on Neal James

Bringing you exclusive interviews with authors featured in the Book Savvy Newsletter. Our Guest is Neal James, the author of three books: 'A Ticket to Tewkesbury', 'Short Stories - Volume One' and 'Two Little Dicky Birds'. Neal is the author of three books: 'A Ticket to Tewkesbury', 'Short Stories - Volume One' and 'Two Little Dicky Birds', he is a member of the Crime Writers Association. Enjoy the interview. Q1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your book Two Little Dicky Birds? I am an accountant of 30 plus years, and came to writing quite late. Two Little Dicky Birds is a tale of bloodlust and deception. It encompasses the sheer evil of a man so tied up in his own psychoses that he is compelled to follow an almost predetermined path. The reader is pulled from pillar to post as multiple plotlines converge inexorably in a chase for a serial killer across the Atlantic at a frenetic rate, and the breathless pace

Same same, but different’ An incredible travel experience.

Sally Wootton releases a lively account of her incredible travel experiences to the most exciting places in the world - enlivened with breathtaking photos. ‘Same same, but different’ is an account of some of the most wonderful travel experiences in Greenland, Australia, Southeast Asia, New Zealand and Colombia; enlivened with breathtaking colour photos. This book isn’t intended as a travel guide, or a novel, but is a way of sharing amazing experiences with others – those who have travelled and those who have yet to. But also to hopefully inspire those who’ve ever heard themselves say, ‘I’d love to travel’, but never thought they’d be able to, to realise that it is possible, if you really want it enough. “There is a beautiful world out there...what are you waiting for?” Find out more… Same same, but different  A breathtaking account of amazing travel experiences to the most exciting places in the world. …

You Gotta Read Videos - In All Probability

See the video here: You Gotta Read Videos: February 2011 Entry #11 In All Probability: Title: "In All Probability" Author: Steve Morris Trailer Creator: Eloquent Enraptures In All Probability features Thirty short stories based on some bizarrely backfiring scenarios. Each story is short enough to fit neatly into your coffee break or into the bus ride home. "The themes of destiny, chance and kismet are fascinating ones..."  (Country and Border Life Book Club) "A succinct precise style" (The Truth About Books) "perfect for a quick read on a coffee break..." - - - "something to entertain even the most ardent of critics..." ( MMU Success magazine ) "readers will be beguiled by Morris's version of an everyday world where probabilities turn out to be different from the ones expected" (The Short Review) Find out more about the book. .

Planet put under the gaze of Damocles

The Derby Telegraph invites readers to submit short stories. Here is a piece by Neal James, titled 'Planet put under the gaze of Damocles'  Click link to read Neal James is the author of three books: 'A Ticket to Tewkesbury' , 'Short Stories - Volume One' and 'Two Little Dicky Birds'