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How to Sell Books to Gift Shops and Specialty Retailers

Bookstores are the traditional place to sell books, but sales opportunities abound with gift shops and specialty retailers. Potential retail markets for books include national chain stores, regional chains, thousands of small independently owned gift and specialty shops, and specialty online stores. One advantage of marketing a book to gift and specialty stores is that there is usually little competition from other books. And retailers have the opportunity to cross-promote your book with related items. Look for retailers that are a good fit for your particular book and don't be afraid to think outside the box. Here are a few examples of places to market a book: Cookbooks in kitchen shops, gift shops, specialty food stores, and upscale grocery stores Children's books in toy stores and the gift shops of children's and science museums Gardening books at gardening centers, gift shops, and botanical gardens Chic lit and gift books in clothing boutiques Travel guides and