24 August 2020

Debt kills options – period!

A couple of decades ago, a friend of mine had a small credit-card balance of a few hundred pounds and was paying just about the minimum payment monthly. He also had a payment-protection insurance which he paid monthly. The trouble was, despite paying the minimum monthly payment and the payment-protection insurance, the balance was not reducing at all. My friend was flummoxed. He did not realise that paying the minimum monthly payment barely covered the extortionate interest rate, and, if not for timely intervention, it would take decades to pay off just a few hundred pounds. When he told me about it, I volunteered to pay off the debt if he would cut up the credit card and become financially literate. He agreed. The first thing I did was cancel the useless payment-protection insurance and then paid off the balance in about three instalments. Since then, my friend has become quite financially astute. He has one or two credit cards now but pays the full balance monthly.



15 August 2020

How Can Self Development Books Change Your Life?

 Inspirational and self-development books are a big hype these days. But before you buy, you

must know whether reading these books help. Yes, these books help. Self-development books

can be a powerful tool in your personal growth arsenal if used properly. These books are more

cost-effective than therapy but can offer you equal benefits. Self-development books also allow

you to progress at your own pace. This is one of the reasons why people find reading these

books more comfortable than going for professional assistance. In addition, learning how to

benefit from the inspirational and self-development books like Games inventor Michael

Kindred books can help you to avoid all the pitfalls of fake gurus and fads while getting most for

your money and time.

Benefits of Inspirational and Self-Development Books:

1. These books allow you to more positively interpret yourself and the world: If you read

a self-development book regularly, your brain will be flooded with uplifting concepts

and positive words. This will raise your vibration and will help you to be in optimal


2. These books allow you to expand and not just to improve: Reading the self-

improvement books is not only important to improve your life, but to expand and

enhance your life. When you consider every book as the treasure map to discover your

hidden potential, you develop curiosity and creativity.

3. These books allow you to be inspired to take positive actions and make better

choices: Many of the personal development books are available with prompts and

exercises, which encourage you to think about the choices that you make and the

reasons behind those choices. So, reading books by Yomi Akinpelu allows you to make

the necessary changes while feeling good about yourself. As a result, you can wipe out

the negative thoughts and replace those thoughts with words of possibility, love,

inspiration and power.

4. These books allow you to break your limitations: You start believing that you can be

more, you can experience more and do more. When you realize what you can do and

that you don't have any limitations except the ones you set in your mind, you can break

through the mental barriers successfully. As a result, you become better and stronger

day by day.