28 March 2015

Be Seated ...Short Stories For The Smallest Room. A unique assortment of witty tales. Take your pick or a plunge - you won’t be disappointed

Better than a newspaper.
Better than your usual reading material.
Better than contemplating your kneecaps.
Why be bored? Why be alone in there? This delightful book of short stories is brimming with amazing tales of humour, adventure, crime, love, horror, science fiction, fantasy and chance.
The short stories and monologues in this book are snapshots of experiences, thoughts, people and places. They are just the right length to be read at a sitting and suit that most lonely of personal occasions. Enjoy some light entertaining reading whilst nature takes its course. You know it makes sense....

Author John White says “This book of short stories represents some of the ideas dreamt up over the last four and a half years of my life since retirement. Long walks in the fresh air with a pen and notebook were my only companions. I hope you find the results worthwhile.”

“Pick and choose while nature takes its course”

26 March 2015

"So dip your toe into this special collection or take a plunge; you will not be disappointed"

"Serendipity is a ‘Magic box of delights’.
The author waves his wand and out come amazing stories of adventure, humour, initiative, nostalgia and chance.
Sir Edward Elgar portrayed friends and family through music in his ‘Enigma Variations’. In Serendipity we observe people John Butler knew through the written word.
Short stories are snapshots of people and places. Writing stories enables the author to really get to the bottom of something, rather than wander through life in an amorphous bubble.
Like a Magic Box Serendipity allures with clever use of pun, alliteration, metaphor and simile; such as ‘flying filth’ and ‘minnows of boys like pilot fish leading a whale shark’…and many others.

21 March 2015

Not common sense, not rocket science - a challenging, non-jargonistic and practical book.

Training and supporting the care force - that's nearly all of us!
By Maggie Kindred 

Carers literally blossom when they are offered non-jargonistic, practical training and support. This book is about helping carers to recognise and value the skills they already possess, and develop these - from this comes an unbelievable amount of support, as well as making all kinds of everyday experiences more interesting and enjoyable.
This book therefore helps carers to
- recognise and value the skills they already possess
- develop these skills through applying theory to everyday situations
- understand the complex social welfare background of today, since knowledge is power
- be equipped to work with people who have very different backgrounds and experience from their own
- deal with jargon!

Author Maggie Kindred says “My career took me through teaching, social work and practice teaching, to Kindred Games and Books.co.uk
I enjoy working with students who may be new to adult education, have learning or mental health difficulties, or have had bad experiences in the classroom. The working lives of a whole range of social carers can be enriched by a small amount of productive training, if this is delivered in a non-jargonistic way, emphasizing the skills they already possess instead of the theories they don't!”
Adage of Kindred Games and Books 'Take the material seriously, but don’t take yourself!' too seriously’.
“a valuable book for the caring profession”


18 March 2015

A Fearful Madness A gripping murder mystery - the 15th crime novel in the Julius Falconer Series

If you think that religion, sex, the aristocracy and mystery might make a good crime novel, TRY THIS ONE!
A police investigation into the violent death of a part-time cathedral verger stalls for lack of incriminating evidence. However, three people have a close interest in clearing the matter up where the police have failed: the dead man’s sister, anxious to see justice done, and two of the police suspects, both released without charge but keen to clear their names...

Author Julius Falconer says “Whodunnits these days come in enough different forms to suit every reader’s taste: enormous variety has been introduced since the ‘golden age’ of British crime-writing of the 1920s and 1930s. There has arguably, however, been a tendency to ‘tell a good story’ at the expense of the wider richness of the genre. So with Falconer the reader gets added value – resonances in all sorts of areas of human experience, including philosophy, music, mathematical codes, politics, poetry, travel, religion, educational theory, linguistics and history, to stimulate the jaded palate.”

14 March 2015

Memoir of World War II paratrooper Clancy Lyall – pulsating with many behind the scenes details and photos

The official biography of Clancy Lyall, member of the “Band of Brothers”, made famous by Steven Spielberg's and Tom Hanks' 2001 TV-series and Stephen Ambrose's book bearing the same name.  It's Clancy's story in his own words about World War 2, Korea and Indochina, as he witnessed it. Written by his close friend, journalist Ronald Ooms.

Author Ronald Ooms says “Clancy Lyall was a true friend who gave me the chance of a lifetime to fulfil my childhood dream.  And that dream was to write a book some day.  As a kid, I did not know at the time what my future book would be about and when Clancy offered me to write his story some two decades later I knew it was an offer I couldn't refuse...  I truly hope I've done him justice with his official biography called 'Silver Eagle', which was also his Cherokee Indian name.  Sadly my dear friend Clancy passed away in March 2012.”

Ronald Ooms is a 34 year-old Belgian author.  He worked for almost a decade as a youth worker for numerous socio-cultural non-profit organizations. Since his childhood he has been interested in everything related to World War II thanks to the stories told by his grandparents.  For more than a decade he travelled to historic places relating to the War whenever possible.  Some years ago he became a qualified journalist and started to write for a local newspaper.  His close friendship with Clancy Lyall over the years resulted into the writing of the book, Silver Eagle. He's also got a passion for motor-sports and hopes to write something about F1 Racing one day.  Ronald is available for interviews, even abroad.  Should the distance be too far or he can't make the trip, he would gladly do a telephone conference.  He resides in the city of Geel in the north of Belgium.
“Pulsating war memoirs of unsung hero”

11 March 2015

The stakes are high when DCI Dennis Marks comes under investigation...

Full Marks  ...someone in high places has a score to settle
By Neal James

‘Full Marks’ tracks the fortunes of one of the Metropolitan Police’s finest officers as he tries to clear his name. A raft of accusations, laid before the IPPC, threatens to undermine his career. Powerful forces, ranged on either side of the investigation, are set to determine the course of DCI Dennis Marks’ professional and personal life.
A month was all the DCI had to prove his innocence of a range of charges dating back to his days as a detective sergeant. A career spent putting away the dregs of London’s criminal world was hanging in the balance…

Author Neal James began writing in 2007 when a series of short stories found favour on a number of international writing sites. Since then, he has released three novels and an anthology of short stories.
‘Full Marks’, his fifth book in as many years, is a crime novel and a product of a vivid imagination set against a backdrop of exposés dating back to the mid-1970s. ‘Two Little Dicky Birds’, his 2010 release, was a finalist in the prestigious Peoples Book prize of 2012. He is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association, and regular contributor to local newspaper features.
As an accountant for over three decades, he has drawn on his background to provide an insight into much of the substance required in the creation of his writing to date. He lives in Derbyshire with his wife and family.

“There’s a score to settle when the hunter becomes the hunted”

6 March 2015

"...All together a brilliant read ...difficult to put down." A review of 'Onwards and Upwards'

"As I said in my review of 'Dane Mills Bosley' Chris Pownall and I were in the same class at secondary school in the mid 1950s but this is not the reason why I have given it a 5 star rating.
This is the third book of Chris Pownall that I have read and I think that it is the best. Some of the stories in it are 'howlers'. From his fear of hospitals and the 'white coat' syndrome to his caravanning exploits which are hilarious, and his pet hates. I think that most of us will associate themselves with some of these stories but Chris has had the courage to put them in writing. I particularly liked his smokey barbecue which nearly sent the rest of the campsite to hospital and the way that he 'jumped the queue' of those waiting in the National Trust car park; clever that.

5 March 2015

The Escape of Princess Madeline (Princess Madeline Trilogy) by Kirstin Pulioff

Princess Madeline Trilogy

About the Books

The Escape of Princess Madeline by Kirstin PulioffTitle: The Escape of Princess Madeline (Princess Madeline Trilogy, Book #1) * Author: Kirstin Pulioff * Publication Date: November 4, 2012 * Publisher: Caliburn Books * Number of pages: 138 * Recommended age: 10+

Summary: Madeline, princess of Soron, awakens on her sixteenth birthday to find that her father has already made preparations for her betrothal. When she disappears unexpectedly, her suitors and knight champion rush to the rescue. But all is not as it seems, and the errant princess’s flight has put the kingdom at stake…

Can Madeline find freedom or does it come with too high a price?

Follow Princess Madeline in this adventure full of twists and turns as she tries to find her freedom and answers to her questions about life and love.