26 September 2013

Secrets of a School Teacher

The Life that Jack Built
By John Butler

A fascinating and heart-warming tale that is personal, historical and humorous with moments of passion and fear.

It is the early 1940s; Jack is a young man leaving university at odds with himself. He tries to make a career in banking but finding himself a square peg in a round hole, so he decides to enter the teaching profession which takes him to urban and rural schools in post war Britain. This is the story of his many escapades. It is the tale of how he handles work, romantic attachments and manages to wriggle out of the tightest of situations. 
Then suddenly opportunity knocks for him–it is an opportunity you’d have to be mad to take–he takes the plunge, but at the end he is in for a surprise. ....Find out more


23 September 2013

The King’s Ransom: Brilliantly written with twist, turns and excitement. Highly recommended!

Set in medieval England, The King’s Ransom is crammed with complex but brilliant characters who will keep you engrossed and reading till the end. Each of the characters has their unique perspectives on the events that occur and in a fascinating way the author gives an insight into what they're thinking. The writing is lucid and description so deft it puts you in touch with the characters–you can feel the emotions–you really feel you are at Penbroke Castle! The author doesn’t beat around the bush as the reader is thrust straight into the action from the onset. This is then followed up flawlessly with a mystery and a quest for the young boys. The boys receive fortunes which help them with their quest, and it all culminates in an exciting grand finale. Overall, a brilliantly written book with twist, turns and excitement. Highly recommended!
Reviewed by Joshua A. (13 years old)

19 September 2013

"I enjoyed reading this novel so much because of the author's talent to create the perfect plot. I liked all the twists and different directions he was taking me. Definitely a page turner! I couldn't put it down.
The author has the ability to write description that made me feel like I was part of the story. I could see everything the author wanted me to see, like in a movie. It's well written and the characters all perfectly described.
It's definitely a book that I will read again. It was a good read and the end left me wanting more. I recommend this book to everyone!
Two thumbs up!"

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17 September 2013

Joyous Pomp Romp!!!

A review of Pomp and Circumstances by Steve Campen, Radio Producer

The Review
"Love and marriage and what better backdrop than the biggest marriage, so far, this century. Sue really brings the whole day back to life again. Like many I was non-plussed about the Kate and William wedding but really rather enjoyed the whole event, much like this book, filled with teenage angst royal splendour and a touch of genuine love. Does it all end happily ever after? I suggest you read Sue's book to find out."
Steve Campen, Radio Producer 

12 September 2013

Book Savvy Spotlight on Polly Morten

Bringing you exclusive interviews with authors featured in the Book Savvy Newsletter.
Our Guest is Polly Morten*
Enjoy the interview.

Q1Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I trained  in science, worked as a college lecturer, ran a beauty salon, lived on a sheep farm, ran local and national dressage competitions, dressage judge, competed in one day eventing, show jumping and dressage. I'm currently working at a local Stately Home, and training and working my two Labradors. I'm married with no children.

Q2. Give us, if you would, 'Gift Horse' in a nutshell, for those who haven't yet had a chance to read it.
An amusing weave of different people's lives, all brought together by a professional or personal interest in horses.

Q3. Give us a sense of how this novel came together, if you would. Where did you begin, and how did you shape the narrative to create the final version of the story?
I began by going to a creative writing group, never having written anything since school.  It appeared to be so difficult to get a novel published that I decided to see if I could - I have always liked a challenge.

9 September 2013

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'Sins of the Father' is in The People's Book Prize 2013 AUTUMN Fiction Collection. Voting is open to all Readers.

We encourage all book lovers and readers to get the books or borrow from their local libraries and cast their votes for these books.
The People's Book Prize entry link: Sins of the Father

The People's Book Prize is the unique democratic Book Prize voted exclusively by the public so it is the public who choose Britain's Next Bestsellers. Its goals are to discover new and unknown works, eradicate illiteracy and support reading uniting the community as a whole.

7 September 2013

Congratulations! 'The Blake Curse' by I. C. Camilleri is a finalist in 'The People's Book Prize' SUMMER 2013 Fiction Collection

A big thank you to everyone who voted for 'The Blake Curse'.

The People's Book Prize is the unique democratic Book Prize voted exclusively by the public so it is the public who choose Britain's Next Bestsellers. Its goals are to discover new and unknown works, eradicate illiteracy and support reading uniting the community as a whole.
Supported by Patron Frederick Forsyth CBE the Award consists of prizes in three genres – fiction, non-fiction and children’s literature.                  
The People's Book Prize entry link: The Blake Curse - Fiction Category

5 September 2013

"An atmosphere is captured within this short book so well that you can keep it as a souvenir"

A candid review of Pomp and Circumstances by Thomasin Sayers

The Review
"The royal wedding of Will and Kate centred around romance and celebration; 'Pomp and Circumstances' introduces its own aspects of London life where similar situations occur on a level to which the reader can relate. Events throughout the story touch on the themes of romance, loss and celebration, however they are all brought together through a nationwide sense of joy. These events do, however, create a bigger picture from the events of the Royal Wedding day, and remind the reader that this was not the case for everyone in Britain. It takes us back to consider and remember where we were at the time of the wedding - who we were with and to what extent it was an important event to us.

3 September 2013

A Games Inventor Shares His Rise To Success With The Release Of A Book

Michael Kindred featured in the Mansfield and Ashfield Chad Newspaper.
Read the full feature

About the book
How do you get an idea for a game? What’s involved in developing it and making an initial prototype? How important is play-testing, and whom do you involve in that process? What are the tips for writing rules? How do you go about trying to get your idea onto the marketplace? What are the important parts of a contract?
This book won’t provide all the answers, but it will give you an insight into the fascinating, and sometimes frustrating world of games inventing based on Michael’s 55 years of experience of the successes and failures; the laughter and tears, the delight and the boredom.

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