18 April 2013

Nottingham Post's Author Spotlight - Neal James author of 'Full Marks'

Neal James began writing in 2007 when a series of short stories found favour on a number of international writing sites. Since then, he has released three novels and an anthology of short stories.
‘Full Marks’, his fifth book in as many years, is a crime novel and a product of a vivid imagination set against a backdrop of exposés dating back to the mid-1970s. ‘Two Little Dicky Birds’, his 2010 release, was a finalist in the prestigious Peoples Book prize of 2012. He is a member of the Crime Writers’ Association, and regular contributor to local newspaper features.
As an accountant for over three decades, he has drawn on his background to provide an insight into much of the substance required in the creation of his writing to date. He lives in Derbyshire with his wife and family.

13 April 2013

Gazet van Antwerpen features Silver Eagle

Ronald Ooms' Silver Eagle has been featured in the Belgian's Gazet van Antwerpen, one of the biggest newspapers in Belgium.

The article is written in Dutch. Read the feature.

Genre: Biography / Military history
 The Official Biography Of “Band Of Brothers” Veteran Clancy Lyall

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5 April 2013

Neal James' latest book 'Full Marks' receives great publicity boost in the Leicester Mercury

How you can follow in writer's footsteps
WHILE working as a financial controller in Leicester, Philip Neale dreamed of becoming a published crime author. But he knew that thousands of would-be writers shared that ambition and that most would be rejected, their precious work left to gather dust on the shelf at home.
But the accountant's persistence paid off and, in 2008, his novel A Ticket to Tewkesbury provided the breakthrough.
He's gone on to publish four more books with the latest addition to his bibliography, Full Marks, released earlier this month.
Leicester, like the rest of the East Midlands where he has always lived and worked, remains an inspiration – his serial killer novel Two Little Dicky Birds opens with the murder of a prostitute on the streets of Leicester.