22 January 2013

Book Savvy Spotlight on Ray Matthews

Bringing you exclusive interviews with authors featured in the Book Savvy Newsletter.
Our Guest is Ray Matthews*
Enjoy the interview.

Q1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your book 'Me and my Shadow?
I am now living my dream life - doing almost all the things I ever wanted and fulfilling ambitions that were not possible before retirement whilst fully occupied earning a living. 'Youth is wasted on the young' is an understated comment made by my father, oh how true. Writing 'Me and My Shadow' has opened up new avenues I never thought possible. 'Me and My Shadow' is about a dedication to achieving goals in extreme sports.  The book is about endurance running events and how it all began with boxing as a young boy brought up in a South Yorkshire steelmaking town.

Q2. Why did you write this book?
To start with, I wrote this book mainly as a record of some of my challenges and then later for my own satisfaction.
Q3. What provided the inspiration for you to become a writer in the first place?
The inspiration behind the writing of this book came from a number of friends, who almost demanded I write an account about my life. In fact one particular friend actually grabbed the collar of my shirt and said "by not sharing your life story you are being selfish!"

21 January 2013

The Longdon Murders - Free Review Copies Giveway

We have 5 review copies of The Longdon Murders* in eBook to giveaway on Apple iBookstore.
If you would like to review a copy, send a request via facebook or email bookreviews@pneumasprings.co.uk

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17 January 2013

Listen to Neal James' interview on a book talk radio show, The Reading Circle with Marc Medley

Author Neal James was interviewed on Saturday 12 January 2013, WP88.7 FM Brave New Radio.
Click to listen to the feature audio clip. (OR listen via the player below).

Neal James is the author of four books: 'A Ticket to Tewkesbury', 'Short Stories - Volume One', 'Two Little Dicky Birds' and Threads of Deceit. Neal's latest book titled Full Marks, is due out in Springs 2013. Blurbs for Neal's published books are provided below.

14 January 2013

Where was I when my friend really needed me?

A FRIEND in need is a blasted nuisance," so goes the corrupted version of the saying. What the phrase in its original form does is to turn this colloquialism around.
"A friend in need is a friend indeed," is a statement that the ones who stand by you in times of trouble are those whom you can truly regard as friends.
With this in mind I failed a good friend completely through self-interest when I was needed, and the real shame of the matter was that a quiet word from me in the appropriate ears would probably have stopped the whole thing before it really had the chance to get going.
By that time the bullying, for that is what it had become, had spread throughout the school and I could well have stopped it from even germinating – I didn't.

7 January 2013

The Damocles Legacy - a short story by author Neal James

The first arrival had appeared as a steadily brightening light in the eastern sky, and had approached with an increasing intensity over a period of almost two weeks. To the general population it had seemed at first nothing more than the usual amount of activity within the solar system, caused by space debris which would inevitably burn out in the upper atmosphere as it approached. There would be a brief and spectacular light show, and then everyone would go back to whatever it was that they had been doing before its arrival. This time however, it was different.
The object slowed its rate of approach, and came to rest at a distance of about one thousand miles from the surface. It was still too far away for the amateur astrologists amongst the population to make out any details, but all governments’ resources had been trained upon it since surveillance satellites orbiting the planet had detected its signature more than a month earlier. At a hastily convened conference, leaders of the major powers met to decide upon the best means of approach to an alien vessel which had clearly come in response to a variety of mechanised probes launched throughout the previous millennium.