26 April 2012

Free E-Book Promotion from Pneuma Springs Publishing 26.04.12

Pneuma Springs Publishing has announced the that the e-book edition of Mammograms Save Lives by Avril Saunder is going to be free on Amazon between Apr 26, 2012 to Apr 27, 2012.
If you haven't picked up any of Avril’s publications yet, this is a great opportunity to try one of them for free.
A stirring true story of triumph and recovery from breast cancer - Mammograms Save Lives. Read more...
Amazon Kindle Link - Mammograms Save Lives

Book Savvy Spotlight on Fred Maddox

Bringing you exclusive interviews with authors featured in the Book Savvy Newsletter.Our Guest is Fred Maddox*
Enjoy the interview.

Q1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your book 'A Genuine Fake?'
I had been around the motor car business since leaving school until early retirement. I initially started as an apprentice mechanic at a large Rover dealer and then filtered into the spares side of the industry working for a national chain of wholesalers progressing to regional manager.  
A Genuine Fake is a story of how a young lady struggles with her antiques business against what she sees as unfair competition. She is introduced to a plan which turns her business around, but having achieved success she becomes engulfed with greed and wants more. She resorts to underhand and illegal tactics to achieve this. As with most greedy people though, fate is always ready to take a hand.

Q2. Why did you decide to begin writing? What sparked the desire to pen your first book?
Story writing has always been in my blood. I started putting pen to paper at a very early age, and that desire to write has never left me. I suppose it's because I have an overactive imagination. However it wasn't until I took early retireent that I decided to take it up seriously and put more effort into getting pubished.

Q3. What are your favourite aspects of writing? And the most challenging?
My favourite aspect of writing is the art of description. The most challenging is to make whatever I am describing, whether it is a person or a scene, to become visible before the readers' eyes.

23 April 2012

Supporting the fight against breast cancer

‘Mammograms Saves Lives’ featured on the Breast Cancer Site.

The story:
"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in March 2011. I have written my story in order to raise awareness and encourage every woman between the ages of 50 and 70 to go for a mammogram. In the UK, the NHS offers this service free to women every three years, but sadly, 25% do not take advantage.
After my mammogram, I received the devastating news that I had breast cancer. I felt well, had no symptoms, have never smoked, eat a healthy diet, and exercise regularly, so how the hell did I get this? There was no explanation, it can happen to anyone! The doctor couldn’t even find a lump and had to detect the tumour using an ultrasound."...

►Read & SHARE◄ her story to encourage the women you love to get their annual mammogram.

Since its release some days ago, Avril's story has received 8366 ‘Likes’ on the Breast Cancer Site’s Facebook page.

"I am shouting this out loud: Mammograms Save Lives!!!"
Like if you agree!

Avril Saunders is the author of Chasin’ That Carrot and the newly released book 'Mammograms Save Lives'

19 April 2012

OTOLI - An interview by Megan McDade, 'Reading Away The Days' YA book blogger

Bryony Allen interviewed by Megan McDade, 'Reading Away The Days' YA book blogger.
"You should read OTOLI because it's entertaining and has a message. I also kept it short to try and keep my readers' attention. That was a reaction to moaning pupils! OTOLI is meant to make you think, but be enjoyable at the same time. You should also read it so you can vote for it in a national competition - the People's Book Prize"
Read interview post.

Bryony Allen is the author of two books: 'Mystery Deceit and a School Inspector' and 'OTOLI'

17 April 2012

Neal James - Waterstones Book Signing

Neal James will be signing copies of his four published books.

Date: Saturday, 21 April 2012,
Address: Waterstones Nottingham, 1-5 Bridlesmith Gate, Nottingham, NG1 2GR

Tel: 0843 290 8525
E-mail: manager@nottingham.waterstones.com

If you are unable to attend an event. Waterstone's can often reserve signed copies. Please contact the host shop for details.

Neal James is the author of four books: 'A Ticket to Tewkesbury', 'Short Stories - Volume One', 'Two Little Dicky Birds' and 'Threads of Deceit'.

We wish Neal James the very best with this events.

13 April 2012

Pinterest – The Hottest New Social Media Site

By Dana Lynn Smith*

Everyone's buzzing about Pinterest, a rapidly growing social site that's all about creating and sharing collections of images (photos or illustrations) that you find around the Web or create yourself.
Pinterest calls itself a “Virtual Pin Board’ and members can use it to share their favorite artwork and books, organize recipes, plan weddings, post travel photos, and more.

The site is basically a giant online bulletin board that people pin images to. As a user, you create "boards" geared to different topics or interests.

View examples of Pins and Boards

Read the full
Pinterest – The Hottest New Social Site - The Savvy Book Marketer

*Dana Lynn Smith, The Savvy Book Marketer, helps authors and indie publishers learn how to sell more books through her how-to guides, blog, newsletter, and private coaching. Get her free Top Book Marketing Tips ebook, visit her blog, follow on Twitter, and connect on Facebook.

7 April 2012

Your Company, Your Product, Your Book - Extracts

By Jeff Kagan
E-Commerce Times
Part of the ECT News Network

A book can be a great marketing tool to hand out to customers and prospects as a summary, including several examples of success. You can share a few winning ideas, then deliver a compelling conclusion. And, of course, the last few lines always suggest that the reader or prospect call you if they would like to discuss further. This simple and less aggressive approach to sales is becoming very successful.
Some companies are interested in developing a book as a sales tool, and others to help them with positioning. Whatever the reason, as the marketplace gets louder, companies have to find new ways to break through the noise and reach the customer.
 Books help companies present themselves to customers in a very authoritative way. They also help executives position themselves as industry thought leaders. After all, not many executives and companies have written a book -- or have a book written about them.
 With a book in hand, it is much easier to get in front of prospects or be interviewed by the media, whether that means print, television, radio or the Web.

Imagine logging onto Amazon (Nasdaq: AMZN), Barnes & Noble (NYSE: BKS), iTunes or many other websites and finding your book there for sale.
 Imagine selling your book and e-book to readers. What a great promotional tool.
 Now imagine being able to print copies of your book, at a low cost, to give away to your customers, your prospects, your workers, your investors, your partners, and so on.
 Your customers can buy a book from many online bookstores and have it delivered in days. Print on demand let's you sell and print one single hard copy at a time.
 Or they can download an e-book instantly and begin reading right away on their Kindle or Nook or iPad or computer or any other e-book reading device.
Your own book helps to raise you above your competition. You will become the industry expert.

If you would like to see your business idea transformed into a book and made available worldwide, we can recommend a Publisher  – Pneuma Springs Publishing.