23 December 2011

Book Savvy Spotlight on Harry Riley

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Our Guest is Harry Riley*
Enjoy the interview.

Q1. Can you tell us about yourself and your book 'Captain Damnation & other strange tales'?
Growing up during World War II, I was an only child, mother worked full time and there was no father to keep me in line. (He was a soldier, missing; presumed dead.) I'd never met him until he returned after the war from a Japanese prison camp. Then I was six years old and having a wonderful time, with lots of friends and many good aunts to fuss over me. I didn't have many books but enjoyed the radio and this fed my imagination so much that I've never fully recovered. Now after a lifetime in commercial printing, happily married with two grown up children and a granddaughter, I'm still addicted to all things theatrical and possess a childish sense of fun. Writing 'Captain Damnation & other strange tales' enabled me to dig deeply into my imagination and release some of the creative juices that had been locked up. The book is full of quirky stories on a wide variety of subjects with an occasional twist in the tale. My mystery and ghost stories can be easily read and enjoyed by both the young and the young at heart.

Q2. Have you always wanted to be a writer?
Yes, many years ago an older workmate, while discussing writing made a comment that I never forgot, he said: "don't worry; if it's there it'll come out!" With me it didn't come out until I retired. I was too busy trying to earn a living and printing the work of others, to create my own books.

Q3. What are your favourite aspects of writing? And the most challenging?
Turning a loose idea into a story, then fleshing out the characters, just enough to add a bit of light and shade and then to come up with a title that fits the bill. The most challenging aspect of writing for me is editing. I have to do this over and over again and must confess I'm never one hundred per cent happy with the final result. There will always be words I want to leave out or extra ones I'd like to put in.

5 December 2011

A 70-year old athlete’s account of 100km race across the Sahara

'Me and my shadow', soon to be released book, based on an incredible story of a desert runner Ray Matthews.

Runner Ray’s new book to ‘inspire others’
Desert runner Ray Matthews is passing on his own incredible story in a book about to be published.
‘Me and My Shadows’ is 70-year old athlete Ray’s own account of how he found ways to break down barriers, and develop the mental and physical toughness he needed to achieve.
He invites the reader along, to experience a 100km race across the Sahara desert, to share in his thoughts, his moments of despair and exultation as he realises just one of his personal dreams.

Author Ray Matthews said “…if my book inspires just one person to change their mindset and start a new adventure towards better health and fitness, then I will be happy”

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News and photo source - South Yorkshire Times