22 January 2011

Book Savvy Spotlight on Steve Morris

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Our Guest is Steve Morris, author of 'In all Probability' and 'Jumble Tales' - both books are collections of short stories. Steve is a teacher of maths and science. Despite a background in mathematics and science, one major part of Steve’s life is his love of quality English literature. He collects and owns many classic first editions.

Enjoy the interview.

 Q1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your book 'Jumble Tales'?
I'm a travelling teacher of students who are too ill to get to school. I also teach science and maths in schools and am also an examiner. I love my job and am currently enjoying life in my new rural home near the England/Wales border.

Jumble Tales" is a collection of fatalistic, random chance-based tales and builds on my first short story collection "In All Probability", this collection is smoother, more mature, and better rehearsed. The aim is to step over established boundary lines of science, fiction and of plausibility. With a little romance and sport tossed into the spinning drum for spice.
My characters are not brave knights but more often anti-heroes, shy emotional people, those with insecurities and difficulties often battling their hardest to stay in this crazy world that we have created. Sometimes they evoke sympathy and sometimes they get their just desserts!

Q2. Why have you written short stories and not a novel?
My personal view is that short stories suit the ever diminishing attention span of our high speed, "instant gratification" society, and they take less time to write. The thinking behind both "Probability" and "Jumble Tales" was to produce stand-alone entertainment that can be enjoyed whenever we get the odd five or ten minutes. The stories can be read in any order and you don't have to worry about remembering character names if you lose it under the settee for a week.

Q3. You have had loads of excellent reviews for your books "In All Probability" and "Jumble Tales"- however one review suggested that you have an "often disturbing imagination" how do you feel about this comment?
I was so pleased with the way the press reviews went for "In All Probability".
The "disturbing" comment is completely fair and I can see that a few isolated scenes might be described as disturbing. I plead guilty!