31 July 2010

GREAT book promotion lists from The Creative Penn!

Authors have to do their own marketing, that is the reality of the publishing industry whether you get a publishing deal or you self-publish.

These days anyone can market globally using just a computer and their time. It may take effort, but it doesn’t need to cost you anything – and you might even enjoy it!

Many thanks to the 'The Creative Penn' for compiling these comprehensive lists of articles, audios and inspiration for marketing your books.

Topic covered include.

* The Basics: Author Branding and the Author Platform
* Social Networking
* Podcasting
* Video
* Speaking
* Other Book Marketing Strategies

Access all these and more by clicking on this link:

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24 July 2010

Born 2 Rule: Memoirs of Frederick III. By Kevin Konomanyi

15-year old author releases an intriguing novel where history comes to life!

An inspiring story of political intrigue, courage and determination that will inform and intrigue in equal measure.

An enthralling historical fiction taut with vivid characterisation. The past blends with the present in this novel with a cast of unforgettable historical characters in an inspiring story of political intrigue, courage and determination, love and loss. It is easy to forget that this book is a work of fiction.

Find out more

..an inspiring story where history comes to life... publishedbestsellers.com


17 July 2010

Want to improve your own writing? Reflections from novelist Sheyna Galyan on writing.......

Monday, July 12, 2010

Tips For Writing 

Write the story within you. Most writers will tell you to write the book that's in you right now, the book you think about every waking minute, the book you have no choice about writing. Don't write the book your publisher wants, or the book your mother wants, or the book that's guaranteed to make the New York Times bestsellers list. If it's not the book that is kicking and screaming to get out of your head and onto paper, you'll only wind up being disappointed in it, and it probably won't please your publisher, your mother, or anyone at the New York Times. Hand in hand with that goes...

Believe in yourself. This is crucial to not only writing well, but selling the book you do write. If it's too elusive, too overwhelming, or causes you to snort derisively, please consult with a good therapist.

Keep a journal of ideas. You can keep an actual journal or book and write down story ideas, character names, plot twists, and so on. Or you can do what I do which is messier but also works: I write ideas down on slips of paper, backs of envelopes, paper napkins, or anything else I can get my hands on and then keep them all in a box that I call my Idea Box. Whenever I want an idea for a story, or I need some way to develop a plot or I need a character name, I reach into my Idea Box and pull them out. Usually one of them fits. UPDATE: I also use my iPod Touch for this, writing ideas into a memo or note and sync-ing it with my laptop. I name them all starting with "Useful Bits:" and categorize them as "Writing" so I can group them efficiently.

Don't be afraid to improve. In other words, don't expect your first writings to be perfect. They won't be. It's the nature of growing as a writer. Use each opportunity to write as a chance to develop your craft. A year from now, you'll look back on your writing and be surprised at how far you've come. That's good: it means you're growing. The scary part is when you look back at stuff you wrote years ago and it looks exactly like the stuff you wrote yesterday. That means there hasn't been enough growth. Even published writers aren't perfect writers. I was first published over twenty-five years ago and I'm still learning and growing as a writer.

Read writing books. You can find them at any local library. One of the many better ones is Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg. As a writer, you are an artist, and all artists need to learn their craft from those who have already succeeded. Books about writing will answer a lot of questions about fiction and non-fiction, synopses, characterizations, dialogue, plot, setting, description, and so forth. They are a wellspring of information, so take advantage of them.

Be a prolific reader. The more you read, the more you will see how other successful writers practice their craft, and the more you'll learn about your own.

Read the full article at: Books and Beliefs

Book Marketing Information by Christian Author Promotions & Book Marketing

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Here are some great sites that you might find valuable to you with regards to marketing your books, from Christian Author Promotions & Book Marketing

Vista Print - Offers free products, free designing and lots of additional products from post cards, to letterhead, to business cards and other great advertising and marketing tools. www.visitaprint.com

PhotoBucket - A great place to host pictures, videos and create photo albums. It's free and lots of fun. www.photobucket.com

Go Daddy - Go Daddy is the premier hosting company for web sites, From domains to hosting to you name it and they have it. www.godaddy.com

The Blog Catalog - If you have a authors blog this is a great community to join and share your authors blog. They have some intense traffic. www.blogcatalog.com

Christian Top 1000 - Join the Christian Top 1000 and add your authors web site or blog. www.christiantop1000.com

The Authors Club - Don't forget to join the Authors Club. http://www.phpbbplanet.com/authorsclub/

Be sure to visit Christian Book Marketing


3 July 2010

PR with Passion: Successful book promotion in a challenging era | SeacoastOnline.com

By Stefanie Guzikowski
July 01, 2010 2:00 AM

"Many people think that when they're finished writing their book, the hard work is over, but the truth is, marketing is critical to an author's success. Marketing campaigns do more than drive sales. They generate awareness and excitement about a book, create a sense of urgency, demonstrate the author's expertise and build a community of fans and supporters, who can also serve as "ambassadors" for the book and the author. While marketing does take time, energy and money, today's authors can't afford not to implement a marketing campaign.

Authors work hard to stand out as creative, talented writers, and they must tap into that creativity once again to develop an engaging, powerful marketing campaign. It takes considerable effort and time to successfully promote and market a book prior to, during, and after a book launch. In fact, promotion should begin three to six months prior to printing and continue indefinitely after its launch."

Read Full Article at:
PR with Passion: Successful book promotion in a challenging era SeacoastOnline.com

TGIF Book Marketing Tips: How to communicate online to get better book sales | The Official BookBuzzr Blog

July 2nd, 2010
Guest Expert: Teresa Morrow

You have taking on the endeavor of writing a book. In order to sell your book, you will need to tell people about it. You will need to communicate the message about your book so those readers who resonate with your book will want to know more about you and the book. And how you communicate this message can either bring in more sales or possibly drive people away from wishing to know more about your book.

1. Communication is give and take –
Any meaningful conversation consists of listening and speaking. You are excited to share the message of your book with people, but don’t allow this enthusiasm hinder you listening to the questions, comments and suggestions others may communicate with you during a conversation. You do not want to dominate the conversation by talking about you and your book and not allowing others to share their part of the conversation. By listening to others in a conversation, you will open yourself up to meeting new people and potential readers.

2. Think before you speak (or type) –
Having a clear concise plan on how you are going to communicate with others about your book is important in bringing in more potential sales. Especially with being online, you know each message is archived and kept indefinitely, so having an idea of the words you are going to use could make the difference. It is best not to rush into saying or typing something you may regret later.

Read Full article at:

TGIF Book Marketing Tips: How to communicate online to get better book sales The Official BookBuzzr Blog

1 July 2010

The Wordsmith Award



The Wordsmith Award
First Prize: £200 (Or equivalent currency of winner's choice)
Second Prize: Julius Falconer Novel Series

Competition Genre: Fiction (Novels)
Closing: Bi-annual*

1. Entry to consist of maximum 500 words synopsis of the work plus the first 5,000 words.
2. A front sheet containing all contact details and the title of the work.
3. Announcement of results shall be electronically via email to the email address used for entry except where otherwise advised. Only successful entrants will be notified.
4. The finished manuscript must not exceed 80,000 words. Manuscripts will not be returned.
5. Entry £5.00 per manuscript: Cheques to be made payable to PSL or via PAYPAL email link.

Post all entries electronically c/o Competitions@publishedbestsellers.co.uk
If Authors do not have email access or prefer postal entry, send to:
Published Bestsellers c/o 7 Groveherst Road, Kent DA1 5JD. All postal entries to have an A5 stamped addressed envelope attached for results.

* Closing: Bi-annual
SUMMER WRITING COMPETITION (1st June - 31st October)
Entries close 31st August. The winning manuscript must be completed and delivered to the publisher by 31st October. Judging and announcement of winner by 30th November.

SPRING WRITING COMPETITION (1st December – 30th April)
Entries close 28th February. The winning manuscript must be completed and delivered to the publisher by 30th April. Judging and announcement of winner by 31st May.