Short story: 'Marks on the Wall'

The Derby Telegraph invites readers to submit short stories. Here is a piece by Philip Neale (pen name - Neal James), titled  'Marks on the Wall'   DI Dennis Marks knew that Samuel North had killed his wife Susan. Everything was there. He had motive, opportunity, the weapon, and there were enough people who knew that the marriage was going through serious problems to put the man firmly in the frame. Despite all this there was nothing concrete to place North at the scene during the period that the pathologist estimated to be the time of death. Susan North had been shot, her body wrapped in plastic sheeting and dumped at the side of an isolated country road. According to the post mortem report she had been dead for at least two weeks.   North had married into money, becoming an essential part of his father-in-law’s business and inheriting a share of the company when the old man died. His wife Susan obtained controlling interest when her mother passed away and became the driving f

OTOLI - Have you been there?

By Bryony Allen. A heart-rending story of bullying, friendship and revenge Constantly bullied at school, social outcast ALICE TURNER went there to escape the bullying from the Populars. She is befriended by Jenny; an enigmatic waitress who seems to be stuck in the past. As the Populars begin to reap the wrath of a faithful friend, suspicions build in Alice’s mind. Why does Jenny keep mementoes that are four years old? And why does Alice feel that she is to blame for the downfall of her enemies? But friendship is a two-way deal as Alice soon discovers. After breaking her promise to Jenny, she faces a far worse foe than before. Alice is forced to make choices on which her future and that of others will depend; whether or not she knows it. Moreover, she will have to find courage to escape the ultimate bully – her best friend. …Find out more… visit book web page “A poignant story of friendship, revenge and fortitude” A portion of all proceeds from the sa

The Guitar Man - A heart-tugging bitter-sweet love story

The Guitar Man by Maurice C Taylor Set in Ventnor, a quaint seaside town on the Isle of Wight off the south coast of England, this bitter-sweet love story describes the lifetime of Chris and Penny from their childhood. As the story unfolds from the early fifties, picturesque scenes from around the island are intertwined in their story of undying love and devotion, and recall features of those early days now long gone. Times change for them as residents of “The Swan” and the heart is warmed by the happy times they share in the social atmosphere of the town pub, and torn by the grief they suffer with the tragedies that beset their lives. …Find out more… visit book web page “A sweeping heart-breaking story of true love, devotion and pain” .

A collection of skilfully crafted, diverse poems - REITERATION

By Henry Disney. A collection of skilfully crafted, diverse poems designed to communicate and challenge but above all to give pleasure. Henry Disney's is, to borrow a phrase, a beautiful mind, and also a tough mind." So wrote Kitty Ferguson in her review of his sixth collection. This seventh collection of poems reinforces this perception. His delight in nature, ideas and humanity is never sentimental. His poems are as challenging as ever as he ranges over his varied experience and encounters with a diversity of people. Henry Disney says “This seventh collection brings together poems that have been published individually in a range of magazines, anthologies and other outlets, many of which are not now readily available. The range of topics covered and variety of styles aim to communicate, to challenge on occasions but above all to give pleasure.”  …Find out more… visit book web page “A collection of diverse poems from a beautiful mind” .

A collection of hilarious and not so hilarious yarns to make you laugh and cringe

Onwards and Upwards by Chris R. Pownall "An engaging sequel to his hilarious memoirs." This book is a sequel to Chris Pownall’s hilarious autobiography entitled “Funny How Things Work Out”. “Onwards and Upwards” comes highly recommended for those interested in social history and anyone keen to know how life was in the mid 20th century in comparison to the present day. Readers will be amazed at the diversity of subjects covered in this book and some of the stories will undoubtedly bring back memories to those of a certain age, whilst younger readers will hopefully appreciate the opportunities that Chris has experienced and relished throughout his happy and fulfilling life. …Find out more… visit book web page “Hilarious yarns that will make you laugh and cringe” … .

Book Savvy Spotlight on Avril Dalziel Saunders

Bringing you exclusive interviews with authors featured in the Book Savvy Newsletter. Our Guest is Avril Dalziel Saunders , an author who turned to writing after retiring from her job in Television for Thames TV at Teddington Lock. Avril is the author of Chasin' That Carrot. Enjoy the interview. Q1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your book? Born and raised in Glasgow after the 2nd World War. Life was a struggle but my brother and I were privileged to be brought up with the things money can't buy, love, honesty and respect. I ran the sales office of an international company in Glasgow, moved to Surrey in 1971 with my husband and baby son, later blessed with two daughters. I worked for Thames TV in London. I'm now a grandmother of three with another on the way. I'm retired and enjoy spending time with my family, writing, music, travel, theatre and the arts. I wrote a novel about how a young Glasgow girl faced up to the challenges that life threw a

Book Savvy Spotlight on Neal James

Bringing you exclusive interviews with authors featured in the Book Savvy Newsletter. Our Guest is Neal James, the author of three books: 'A Ticket to Tewkesbury', 'Short Stories - Volume One' and 'Two Little Dicky Birds'. Neal is the author of three books: 'A Ticket to Tewkesbury', 'Short Stories - Volume One' and 'Two Little Dicky Birds', he is a member of the Crime Writers Association. Enjoy the interview. Q1. Can you tell us a little about yourself and your book Two Little Dicky Birds? I am an accountant of 30 plus years, and came to writing quite late. Two Little Dicky Birds is a tale of bloodlust and deception. It encompasses the sheer evil of a man so tied up in his own psychoses that he is compelled to follow an almost predetermined path. The reader is pulled from pillar to post as multiple plotlines converge inexorably in a chase for a serial killer across the Atlantic at a frenetic rate, and the breathless pace