How to Sell Books to Gift Shops and Specialty Retailers

Bookstores are the traditional place to sell books, but sales opportunities abound with gift shops and specialty retailers. Potential retail markets for books include national chain stores, regional chains, thousands of small independently owned gift and specialty shops, and specialty online stores. One advantage of marketing a book to gift and specialty stores is that there is usually little competition from other books. And retailers have the opportunity to cross-promote your book with related items. Look for retailers that are a good fit for your particular book and don't be afraid to think outside the box. Here are a few examples of places to market a book: Cookbooks in kitchen shops, gift shops, specialty food stores, and upscale grocery stores Children's books in toy stores and the gift shops of children's and science museums Gardening books at gardening centers, gift shops, and botanical gardens Chic lit and gift books in clothing boutiques Travel guides and

A deft and thought-provoking detective mystery novel - Troubled Waters

Author, Julius Falconer releases a tightly-woven, deft and thought-provoking novel in the best traditions of British detective fiction in which intelligent stimulation vies with sheer entertainment for pride of place. It will defy your efforts to put it down. This is a superb read, the best of its kind ……. As always with Julius Falconer, you, the reader, are given all the information available to the detective officers, and the vital clue is there for you to spot - if you are up to it! Take your time, enjoy the many detours and red herrings, the literary allusions, the religious and philosophical byways, the silver-smooth English - and keep your eye on the ball if you can! You are guaranteed a stimulating read. Find out more: Troubled Waters

Northern Ireland Peace Process and the International Context

Author, Benjamin Williams releases an intelligent and perceptive assessment of the Northern Ireland Peace Process and the International Context. This book seeks to assess the overall impact that such global developments have undoubtedly had on the Northern Ireland peace process, and attempts to offer fresh interpretations of a complex element within that process. Find out more: The Northern Ireland Peace Process and the International Context An intelligent and perceptive assessment ……

Skateboarding on the Appian Way

Author Dominic Macchiaroli releases an utterly eccentric, side-splitting and hilarious collection of sixty short stories. Here's another irritating collection of nonsense from the author who bored you with “My Parakeet was an Anarchist.” Find out more: Skateboarding on the Appian Way What others are saying about Skateboarding on the Appian Way: “I already know what it says.” – Steve Manning “I laughed so hard my back hurts.” – Quasimodo “I am not fat.” – Frisket Macc ..guaranteed to amuse and defy your efforts to put it down! ...

Coming Second by Joan Dean

Author, Joan Dean releases a touching fictional story with an imaginative plot. In this work of fiction, Joan Dean warms the heart of the readers with an original plot that is sure to keep you absorbed till the very end. Find out more: Coming Second An inspiring plot …….

Book Reviews - In all Probability; Mystery Deceit and a School Inspector

In all Probability by Steve Morris 5 Stars In all probablity...a very good read!, March 2, 2010 By Robert (Henderson, Nevada) "This is a collection of various short stories about very different characters, with very different lives. A very good read as each story is usually only a short three pages or so. A lot of these stories left me wanting for more! A couple left me simply confused, such as "Three Strikes and you're out." It was about a woman who is denied entry into a dating service after she had supposedly used up her "Three times of true love." She's sadly turned away, and the story ends. Others, such at "Let the Good Times Roll" had me laughing out loud, as the world finds a way to make everyone happy. Things begin to go very wrong from there, and this story might have actually made a very good novel if it could have been extended another 200 pages! The author shows an amazing imagination in all of these stories, and I would rea

Iron Dogs - Action packed crime thriller set in Canada’s frozen north

Cliff Robertson releases a highly enjoyable action packed crime thriller set in Canada’s frozen north. Author shares inspiration for writing this ingenious fictional page-turner. The Plot Who is the Mole? Two men are murdered a third survives. They are thousands of miles apart yet they have one common denominator. They all testified against a career criminal called Banks. He went to jail but escaped and is seeking revenge. The survivor is Peterson. Peterson has been hiding in Canada's frozen north but a minor offence leads to him being finger printed. A renegade police man on the pay of Banks discovers his whereabouts and passes on the information to Banks who makes his own way north to kill Peterson. A senior officer known only as "Chief" must get to Peterson before Banks and his men. Robert Laye, a police officer working in the area and Maddy Pearson, a young woman working for Peterson combine forces to help the "Chief" and solve the mystery of the mole