An excellent review of 'From Coconuts to Condors'

An unforgettable trip to Brazil, Peru and Bolivia
Book Reviews by John Davies*.

"Valerie Astill's book is a marvellous account of a challenging three week holiday in Brazil, Peru and Bolivia. Her very readable writing style makes the culture, climate and landscapes of these countries come to life. Her descriptions are incredibly detailed and picturesque making it so easy to visualise the scenes that she describes. Indeed, I almost felt as though I was in the shower with her and the little green frogs! Valerie also gives a warts and all insight into the many difficulties of travel in these South American countries. I thoroughly enjoyed this delightful travelogue - well worth reading, even if you're not going on holiday to South America."

*John Davies is an author, song writer and poet. He is also an athlete and has been the Welsh Masters javelin champion in his age group nearly every year since 1989. He is the Treasurer of Port Talbot Harriers and President of Welsh Masters Athletics. John Davies is the author of 'Lyrics and Limericks' and 'Chester to Chepstow'.
Valerie Astill is the author of 'From Coconuts to Condors' and has also written a second book titled -   'Temples and Tacos' about her journey through Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.


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