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World War 2 Re-enacted in a Novel by Karl Brockmann

Alles Fur Deutschland   An action-packed, wartime novel about the 1943 Eastern Front featuring retreating German front lines fragmented by a massive Russian offensive. Author Karl Brockmann says “The novel Alles Fur Deutschland originated from my deep interest in this part of our world history. I have been an active member of a WW2 re-enactment society for some years… Over the years I have met many colourful and interesting people including elderly veterans from both sides of the conflict. These gentlemen would often talk about all types of situations they found themselves, situations which most ordinary people could never imagine. It is from listening to these events that I have been inspired to finally put pen to paper and to write my first fictional wartime novel.” Read more... “A sweeping, action-packed, wartime movie, sandwiched between the covers” …