Earning a Crust - Logic doesn’t come into it

Fascinating and engaging autobiography of career after Royal Air Force service.

By Derek Rosser

The author’s literary efforts covering his experiences as a National Serviceman in the RAF in the 1950s (A Reluctant Recruit) generated such a favourable reception, so much so that he embarked on a second, more or less true, account of his life as a typical boy growing up in the thirties and forties (Call Me Valentine). This is his third book, completing the trilogy. It is the account of what happened to him after leaving the Royal Air Force; it is the story of a long, and mainly happy, interesting working career.

The author Derek Rosser says: “For the best part of forty years I was engaged in trying to earn enough money to keep body and soul together. Some of it was enjoyable, some of it was frustrating and some of it was downright misery….”

‘Earning a Crust’, an entertaining read!

“A fascinating autobiography” …publishedbestsellers.com


  1. brilliant read, i stongly recommend it to anyone

  2. Thanks for droping by. The book is certainly worth reading.

  3. My father was a RAF National Serviceman at the same time in the 50s. To this day he says they were the best days of his life. I should read this.


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