The Power of Reading - Mind-blowing Research

Study after study has found that older people who were mentally engaged doing things like

reading and writing, or taking part in hobbies or games, stayed mentally sharper than those

who were not. Many hundreds of studies have shown that mice and rats which are kept in

cages with a variety of objects to explore show much better memory and cognitive abilities

than those kept in standard, relatively austere environment. What's more, they also grow extra

brain cells! When we face challenges, including mental challenges, our brains release a

chemicals which help sharpen our perception and decision-making process.

Brain connections are strengthened and brain networks grow as a result of the beneficial

effects of chemicals released in the brain triggered by mental stimulation or challenge such as

reading books (paperback and Ebooks). If you are in search of an Ebook store in London

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Reading is life-transforming and can help both children and adult achieve their full potential

and lead a richer life. Reading can transform your life because the more you read, the more

you know. The more you read, the more you can imagine. You can get E-Books: Fiction,

Childrens & Lots More Store in London. The more you read, the better you understand

other people and this can help enhance your relationships and consequently improve your


When the message of a book is rightly phrased, it could pass your defences, enter your heart

and explode silently and effectively within your mind and change you from inside out. The

Bible for example is a book that has inspired and transformed millions of lives.

There are a few simple habits you can cultivate in life that really have a potential to change

your life; reading good books is one of such habits. Reading has such a capacity to transform

a life; it has the ability to unlock a wealth of treasure and greatness from within an individual.

Get your free ebook download in London UK and start reading and rubbing minds with the

greatest thinkers of all time. You can share in the wisdom of the greatest minds that ever

walked the surface of the earth simply by reading their books. Through reading you access

the knowledge and wealth of wisdom of the author’s mind. You also become a partaker of the

rapturous moments of inspiration enjoyed by the writer. You can even experience and enjoy

‘divine’ moments of insight akin to a spiritual experience, simply by reading a book.


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