A Success and Motivational Toolbox

Book Title: Blow the Cap off your Capability - Be Unstoppable
Genre: Self-help and personal development
Author: Yomi Akinpelu

You're designed for success. You're meant to do something that will make you unforgettable. How can you achieve this success? The answer is straightforward: success comes as a result of few, simple, well-designed habits practised and repeated every day. So why doesn't everybody just do it? The answer is obvious, yet profound: it is because the things that are easy to do are also easy not to do. The message in this book is simple: be careful not to neglect doing the small things in your life that make the big things happen. Nothing will change unless you change.
Author, motivational speaker, millionaire, businessman Jim Rohn said, 'Success is not what you achieve, it's what you attract by the person you have become.' This book shows you how to become that person; the person who attracts success.

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“A fine collection of contemporary and ancient wisdom designed to provoke thought and induce action”


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