The Flame Lily Weeps

This unique autobiography describes the life of a white Zimbabwean growing up in Zimbabwe-Rhodesia.
It reveals and elucidate the perspectives and truth of poignant issues in the country’s transition from a British colony to an independent, one-party state, giving an insight into the build up to the political and economic anarchy that has thrown Zimbabwe into a financial abyss and that transformed a one time flourishing country into a land ravaged by hunger, disease and poverty.

The Flame Lily Weeps

Have you read this book? Found it interesting / informative / entertaining / useful / inspirational etc.?
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  1. An interesting read.

  2. I think it will be helpful to the author here if "Anonymous" can elaborate on the book a little more than just to say interesting read. I think for all of us on here who are writers any comments be it kind or harsh would be welcome. I think we all live in the real world and can take everything on board to further hone our craft.

    Kind Regards

  3. This is a good book as it describes the expereinces of a white Zimbabwea growing up in Africa from a very positive viewpoint. It is not overly political which is nice. There are some very interesting photographs included of the family. Well done!

  4. An intresting read

    lol joking but looking forward to buying it soon.


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