Chris Pownall releases a hilarious autobiography - 'Funny How Things Work Out'

Chris Pownall releases a hilarious autobiography including a fifty year fulfilling career and various travels around the world.

"This hilarious autobiography is sure to put a smile on your face."

This is the story of Chris Pownall’s life beginning from early childhood to retirement. Chris’ autobiography is unique because he tells his story with a slant towards the more hilarious side of his life.

Chris has always had a reputation for being there when things were going wrong–but it’s nothing to do with him really! His former work colleagues will bear witness to situations involving freak weather conditions and disrupted travelling arrangements. His sense of humour has seen him through many difficult situations–which he managed to salvage with wit and discretion (Even if he says so himself)!

…Find out more…Funny How Things Work Out 

...An authentic biography…….


  1. My name is Francois Coeur, and I read quite recently the book by the author Chris Pownall, "Funny How Things Work Out"

    I know Chris as I spent several months working with him just before he retired. He refered to me in his book. I really enjoyed reading this book. In fact I read it 2 times as there are so many things to capture about real
    life, appreciate and laugh about! I am very impressed that he can remember so many things and re-create such specific atmosphere.
    On top of that I cannot stop to think that Chris did it with his heart, I should say with all parts of his heart including the child one! Difficult for me to fully explain it in English as this is not my native language however you surely understand what I mean. (Thanks again Chris!)



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