No Cousin of Mine - Quite simply a cracking and down to earth read

A true life post war-time account serving as part of the ground crew of Number 256 Royal Air Force night-fighter squadron.

An historical account of events that took place during a two year period between 1952 and 1954. The incidents described in this book, however improbable or implausible they may appear to be, are all completely true and have needed little or no embellishment on the part of the author. It features the ground crew of Number 256 Royal Air Force night-fighter squadron, which served as part of the Second Tactical Air Force in Western Germany.

This real life account will inform, intrigue and entertain you in equal measure.

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  1. This is a good read for anyone who was a conscript or wants to know just what it was like to have spent 18 to 24 months in the services

  2. David Swain ex wireless mech26 July 2010 at 10:36

    I was fortunate to share lots of the happenings, both hilarious, and serious, with the author during our time together on 256 sqdn at RAF AHLHORN in Western Germany in 1953/4.The book is a great read and certainly tells of what National Service was like in the RAF during that period.

  3. I too was at RAF Ahlhorn in 1954.
    The book is an excellent read - I couldn't put it down - read it the first day I purchased it.I liked
    the visit to the Hamburg cemetary
    and his meeting with a German woman - quite spooky
    This was a great read and I only wish that I'd had the ability to write such an entertaining book.

    1. Did you know my parents Harry & Peggy P at Alhorn? I am sure that I remember your name.Mum passed away 7 years ago but dad now lives with us. I would love to make contact.

  4. Derek wouldn't make a statment unless he knew it to be true .The stories are the same as they have always been .They became complete to read them in the order of events as one story instead of hearing the seperate tales.
    It was a clear message carried by the German lady in the cemetary,that she and many others had a different belief to who started the war ,both sides only knowing and able to believe what they had been told.Who knows how much truth gets buried,just like the Flight Sergeant,navagator did when reporting for his de-briefing.


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