Drifting Beneath the "Red Duster" - A superb true-life adventure, ‘best of its kind

Author Neil Morton releases his true life story of adventure and romance as a steward in the British Merchant Navy.

On leaving school Neil Morton knew that the dreary nine to five existence in office or factory was not for him. Adventure was what he craved and adventure and romance aplenty called during the years that were the heyday of Britain’s proud merchant flag, the “Red Duster”.

From Brazil to the Caribbean, to New Zealand and Australia, the author will share with you a rollicking yarn or two.

Travel the world in this thrilling real life adventure story and you will truly be entertained and amused in equal measure.

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  1. Having known Neil and his lovely wife, Joy, personally for some years now I can vouch for the fact that if the book is half as interesting as the author it should be a very entertaining read, indeed.


    Mornington Peninsula


  2. I was lucky enough to be a "Shipmate" of Neils in the 1950's. We managed to keep in touch over the years. And finally met up again in 2008, when I visited him in Melbourne. He showed me a few excerpts, from his still to be published Book. It brought back so many wonderful memories of my years at Sea. I'm sure anyone who went to Sea can relate to so many of his adventures. Ronald S Smith, Pender Island, British Columbia, Canada.

  3. Hello Neil
    Well mate i have just finished the Book and this is my honest opinion of it!

    On starting to read i found that your introduction was just great,it gives the insight of what you wanted in life and made for a good start !

    Your Experiences both on board and ashore in the various ports were excellent,you gave the honest an open way that you lived the Years,there are some really spicy parts but this makes it all the more realistic,as we all as Seaman know just what that was all about!

    All of your stories may well ring Bells in many an Ear,what with the happy times and the crazy times too! Fights ,Police,you name it i am sure most of us went through a bit of that!

    I know i did anyway,possibly not the same but some very close to what you talk of!

    Amazing just how we can recall all the times we had,and its great to read things like this,as it sure does revive the old Brain,and brings back very good memories,be they hostile,Funny or just sheer joy!

    I am sure that you will get many sales from this,and i hope tat you also get good feedback from whoever reads it!

    A great Book put together in a way that depicts life as it was,no Bull,no pulling punches just the plain truth!

    I will treasure this Book Mort,and only wish that i too could put something like this together!

    Good Stuff mate and Congrats on the Publishing!!

  4. hello neil remember me? Toni? I havnt read your book yet but am curious to know if you mentioned the 2 black eyes you gave me as a result of a head butt.I was 18 at the time and still to this very day dont know why


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