Questions That Will Help You to Choose a Topic for Writing a Book

New authors experience a lot of difficulties, and the very first of them is the inability to choose a topic. It may happen that you can’t come up with something really interesting and engaging even having a lot of knowledge in the field and a strong desire to create a masterpiece. At the same time, once you decide on the theme, the process goes on much faster.
To boost your writing, I’ve collected a list of essential questions that may significantly advance the selection of a topic.

#1 What is Your Favorite Kind of Books?

The books chosen by you for reading are the first and the most obvious source for topics! There is nothing wrong to cover the same topic as you are reading now although many beginners are afraid of expressing the thoughts of others instead of their own.
However, in non-fiction literature, it is practically impossible to say something new. Moreover, the reader does not buy the information about the problem – he buys your personal view on the issue and how to resolve it, wondering how you but no one else copes with the task.

#2 What do You Know and How Can You Help Readers?

Now it's time to organize your knowledge on the chosen topic.
Let’s imagine you’re a professional in book promotion. You know how to write, publish and promote books on both native and foreign online and offline bookstores. Each of the subtopics can be a topic for a book!
Set aside a detailed plan and start with two or three answers to the FAQ, so that the beginners can build their own model of writing and promotion while advanced writers take a fresh look at some of the things they have not paid enough attention to before.
Turn off your inner critic and write what you know and how it can help your readers. Upload your knowledge on the paper and get rid of shyness and shame. Record, think, disclose every thought, and deploy it as a rosebud.

#3 What Would You Change if You Knew It Before?

"If I knew!" is one of the most repeated phrases of professionals that put themselves in the beginners’ shoes. It’s natural that novices always want to hear some words of wisdom from those who have already covered the path. In this regards, a guide or a manual may hit the bull’s eye.
Provide some insights to readers, and you’ll hear something like: "How could we not think of this before!"
From words to deeds: take writing down controversial moments in your niche as a habit. Think about how each situation could be less painful if you had the necessary knowledge. Then imagine how you can help your readers improve their lives. Write down the answers.

#4 What Topics are in Demand?

Now you have enough information to choose a theme for a book. And I bet you want the book to generate profit once it’s available for purchase, don’t you?
For this, you need to hit the prepared market – a market filled with the participants who are looking for information on the topic and that have already proven their interest and the ability to pay.
This is your first step on the way of marketing. I believe the most advantageous are medium and highly competitive markets as they have a steady demand. Do not be afraid of criticism – the lack of attention is much worse.
Go to the online and offline stores and see which books on your topic are already bestsellers. Read the comments, study the description, and, of course, read the book fragment available for free.

#5 What the Reader Must Learn from Your Books?

The answer to this question will give you the "main dish," that is the information that will satisfy the needs of most readers. Of course, this can’t be the commonly known information available on the Internet. This should be carefully selected information that is directly connected to the theme of your book, useful data provided with your comments and recommendations, and the data that helps to solve the problem outlined in the book the way you suggest.
Specify a minimum of fifteen facts, which must be known to the reader, so that he is able to do what you offer in the book

#6 What Challenges Have You Faced?

Personal experience is crucial – that’s what the reader pays for! Although everything you write is already personal experience, events passed through the lens of your perception, I'm sure there’s something that hooked you even more!
Record these situations in details, retaining not only the facts but also emotions. Describe your feelings and experience, inner state and the kind of actions you have come to as a result. This will refresh the reader's imagination and encourage him to continue reading.
Recall the most stupid and terrible events related to the theme of your book that occurred in your life. Write them down in the form of short stories. Pay attention to emotions, feelings, and changes that occurred towards others. Allocate the moral and add it to your book.

#7 What Mistakes People Make in this Area?

The answer to this question will make you an expert. What mistakes people make in this area and what mistake successful ones avoid? Write down all the answers, but treat them critically. Do not repeat the trite sayings and phrases. Dig to the bottom, looking not only for the basis of the phenomenon, but also words that can accurately express what you’re talking about.
The answer to this question has to be like a doctor's diagnosis, who not only studied hard and learned all the terms and names of diseases, but also has personal experience and intuition. Analyze all the failures on the market and recall what has led to them.

I hope the answers to the question above will help you to come up with the topic of your dream, which will bring you profit and fame.

Lucy Adams is a blogger and essay writer from Lucy covers a wide range of topics, being a generalist. She’s fond of almost everything new and exciting. Blogging, traveling, marketing, education – these and much more areas are in Lucy’s field of interests. Don’t miss the opportunity to start a mutually beneficial collaboration. Supply the blogger with your suggestions and let her choose one or a few for the research.


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