The Folly Under the Lake - “A thoroughly immersing whodunit”

The Folly Under the Lake
By Salema Nazzal

Multi-millionaire, oil speculator Walter Sinnet  is crooked and ruthless. He has swindled the investors in his company to fund his extravagant building projects.
Walter has a vast lake and subterranean folly built on his property at Witton Park, where he lives with his wife Blanche and two adult children Harry and Rose. The folly is impressive, people can walk through a passage that goes under the lake and enter the folly to sit and watch the fish swim by.
Wishing to show off, Walter welcomes a house party to Witton Park but an angry storm lashes down on the village and traps everyone inside the estate. A guest’s jewellery goes missing and a dead body is found floating in the lake.
Inspector Marcus Thomas and his young son, along with bumbling sidekick Constable Turner, arrive at Witton Park to solve the mystery. The vital clues are there for them to detect - if they are up to it!
Enjoy the many detours and red herrings,  but keep your eye on the ball and you might spot that tiny slip-up that leads to unmasking the

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What is unique about the book?
I think the book is unique in that it is set in a very unusual location, and a setting that actually exists. The folly is under a real lake (in Surrey) and there isn't another one in the world that is under water, to my knowledge. Also, the protagonist is based on a real life character who is interesting for historical reasons. He swindled millions of pounds and was instrumental in funding the Baker Street and Waterloo Railway (now London's Bakerloo line), before being sentenced to 7 years imprisonment but taking a cyanide pill in the ante room of the court and killing himself. Also of interest is the fact that after his death the estate was bought by Lord Pirrie who was instrumental in the building of The Titanic.
Readers would benefit from reading The Folly Under the Lake if they are interested in whodunits, and trying to work out who the murderer is. Also, it would be of interest to those who are interested in historical (1920 - 1930) mysteries that are based on factual characters.

“A 1930s jape with witticisms on the one hand, and spine chilling scenes on the other. Thoroughly enjoyable.
…Polly Parr, Surrey

“A highly enjoyable whodunit in a traditional style. Great characters with a good mixture of fun and a shade of darkness. Kept me guessing to the end.
…Jessica Stroud, Surrey

Book development history
My journey to writing the book was brought about by my deep interest in the life of Whitaker Wright, which spanned a few years. I researched his life as much as I could, even going to talk to a historian about him. I was all set to write a true non-fiction account of his life but after going on a crime writing course I decided to make a fictional whodunit based on him and his folly.

“Immersive right from the start of chapter one. Totally believable plot with a good twist to keep us all guessing
…Karen Edwards, Hampshire

“I didn't have a clue who the murderer was and guessed it wrongly! Loved the twist in the tail at the end.
…Carmel Thayre, Surrey

The Author
Having always had a love for English, Salema qualified to teach it as a foreign language and then went abroad to work in Lebanon. She taught adults at a language centre and eventually ended up helping at a school on the site of an orphanage where she met her husband. She wrote about the plight of the orphans and the article was published in the centre-spread of a Christian newspaper.   
Salema has been obsessed with whodunits since she was a teenager and was challenged to write her own by her sister Jess. Not knowing where to start she took herself off to college to do a crime writing course with published crime authors Lesley Thomson and Elly Griffiths and hasn’t looked back since.
She currently lives in West Sussex where she takes care of her husband, two children and two cats (not necessarily in that order!). 

Genre: Fiction: Crime and mystery
Paperback ISBN: 9781782284031
Publication Date: November 2015
Edition/Format: 1st/Paperback and eBook
Book Size: 203 x 133 mm, 164pp

Sales and Distribution: Pneuma Springs Publishing
Telephone: +44(0)7944 352237+44(0)7944 352237
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