Review of Fierce Thunder by 'Mountain Biking 4 Her'*

I will admit that I am not a huge action novel reader, so I may have started out with less enthusiasm than your average reader.  I was in it for the bikes. However, after getting to know the characters in the introductory chapters, I was eager to see what would unfold.
Fierce Thunder reads like an action movie--you can't help but envision the adventures. By the time the characters were deep in the forest of Mexico I was tempted to make myself some popcorn 'cause I knew I wasn't going to be able to put the book down until I finished. Jackie and Courtney's experience in the movie biz has obviously given them the ability to grab people hook line and sinker. Great characters making tough choices in a jungle filled with danger....ON BIKES! What could be better?

Fierce Thunder
By Courtney Silberberg and Jacquelyn Kinkade Silberberg

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*'Mountain Bike for Her' is an online mountain bike magazine for women!

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