The Pen is Mightier than the Bomb

War is a Failure of Politics
By Henry Disney

Unashamedly political poems from an author that’s been criticised for being too hard on Bush and Blair as opposed to the likes of Hitler or Saddam

Henry Disney's experience has convinced him that it is folly for the West to intervene in conflicts in the Moslem world, not the least because it leads to a surge of recruitment to the most extreme Jihad movements. His experience has also served to reinforce his Christian commitment to the rejection of war as a means of solving political conflicts.
These pointedly political poems are punchy and hard-hitting, the author pulls no punches in denouncing the warmongers. He purports a different approach because he is convinced there is a better way - Christ’s way - a rejection of violence…
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The Author
Born in 1938, Henry Disney is the author or co-author, of more than 600 scientific publications on insects and author of nine previous collections of poems. The latter reflect his varied experience, including active military service in Cyprus, medical entomology in Belize and Cameroon, running a field centre and nature reserve in Yorkshire and being a research fellow at Cambridge University, where he still works in his 'retirement'. He was co-founder and co-editor of the first 31 titles of the acclaimed Naturalists' Handbooks series. He has served on a planning committee, on WHO committees and church committees, as well as being a church warden.  More important than all the above, he is a father and grandfather, but his late wife died the year before they were due to celebrate their Golden Wedding. She was the love of his life.

A war of words against warmongers

Genre: Poetry
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