Once Upon a Game - The Precarious Career of a Games Inventor

How do you get an idea for a game? What’s involved in developing it and making an initial prototype? How important is play-testing, and whom do you involve in that process? What are the tips for writing rules? How do you go about trying to get your idea onto the marketplace? What are the important parts of a contract?
This book won’t provide all the answers, but it will give you an insight into the fascinating, and sometimes frustrating world of games inventing based on Michael’s 55 years experience. Packed with lots of stories - the successes and failures; the laughter and tears, the delight and the boredom…

The Author
Michael lives with his wife, Maggie, in France. They write books and educational material together. Their daughter, Cath, has illustrated one of the books. Michael has been a Board and card games inventor and author for most of his life. According to him his qualification has been mostly from the 'University of life'! His published works include over 50 board and card games, and 15 books, most of which are detailed on his website: www.kindredgamesandbooks.co.uk
Michael's particular interests, apart from the inventing and writing, are in groupwork, teamwork, communication skills and setting cryptic crosswords.
Michael is available for interviews, blogs, writing educational material and devising board and card games to order.

“Dicing with brilliant ideas”

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